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Obama Dashes Adult Hopes on Halloween for Presidential M&Ms

President Barack Obama violated the first rule of Halloween Friday: If you bring candy, bring enough for the entire class.

Speaking at Rhode Island College at an event highlighting Democratic priorities for women, Obama referenced Friday evening’s annual trick-or-treat at the White House. 232 more words

Fissure Opens Between Pentagon and White House Over Assad’s Fate

President Barack Obama declared in August 2011 that Syrian leader Bashar Assad must “step aside” for the good of his country after his forces had killed nearly 2,000 fellow citizens. 363 more words

How the Legend of the 'October Surprise' Came to Haunt D.C.

You may have heard of the ‘October Surprise,’ a news story that bursts onto the public consciousness shortly before Election Day. Legend has it this sort of event can swing votes and sway electoral outcomes. 698 more words

Before Midterms, Obama Plugs Policies For Women

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — President Barack Obama wants women to know what his administration is doing to help them succeed.

Four days before midterm elections in which Obama’s fellow Democrats need a big turnout from female voters, Obama is delivering a speech Friday in Rhode Island on growth in the U.S. 78 more words


A Haunting Halloween For Democrats!

I’ll give Barack Obama this much. He sure is making history. And on this Halloween Day, he’s about to set yet another mark in history. 698 more words