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Federal pediatric medical research act passes Senate, heads to White House

A bipartisan pediatric medical research bill named for Loudoun County childhood cancer awareness advocate Gabriella Miller was passed by unanimous consent in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday and will go to President Obama to be signed into law………The bill diverts to research $126 million over 10 years from a rarely used fund used to finance national political conventions. 24 more words

Pediatric Medical Research

Obama Thinks He Can Rate Colleges. Can You Do Better? (Interactive)

Last year, the Obama Administration announced a plan to assess schools on how well they serve their students, based on metrics like graduation rate, tuition, and the percentage of students who receive Pell Grants, the federally funded scholarships for low-income families. 666 more words

The ‘Royal’ Clinton Baby

The U.S. media treat America’s powerful families as untitled nobility

For National Review OnlineCharles C. W. Cooke writes: Depressing as it might be for the radicals among us to admit, … 490 more words


'W' surprises us with records release

George W. Bush presided over one of the more secretive administrations of the past century.

Thus, it is a pleasant surprise to see him prepare to release many of his previously classified presidential papers so openly and quickly after his two terms as president have concluded. 256 more words

...pick it up

Regular readers will recall that back in January my hand was forced, as I begrudgingly shared my 2 cents on the topic of a petition to deport Justin Bieber.


Raised In The White House! 7 Of The Obamas' Best Parenting Tips (LIST)

If you haven’t noticed, Malia and Sasha Obama went through quite a growth spurt since their first presidential term days.

Malia, 15, is standing tall and looking more and more like FLOTUS every day and it’s hard to believe that Natasha (Sasha), 12, was fresh out of first-grade when her dad made history as the first Black president. 1,115 more words