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San Diego Send-Off: Smoked Beer Dinner at Ballast Point

I have a bias to admit: I’m not really big into hype. Whenever I hear about a “must have” beer or brewery, I generally exert too much effort and find myself disappointed in the end product (read: my quest to find Heady Topper). 1,259 more words

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San Diego Day 3: A Six-Hour Tour

One of the things I really enjoy about craft beer people is the age range (I wish I could say I enjoy the diversity, but with a few notable exceptions, we’re largely a majority-male, white, educated group). 606 more words

The Beers

How-To: Make a Yeast Starter

A starter can help improve your beer by increasing pitch rate, reducing fermentation lag time, and reducing stress on the yeast. All of these things can reduce or eliminate off flavors and increased ester production that stressed yeast can bring to the table. 385 more words

Style of the Week: German Style Hefeweissen!

One of the most enjoyed styles of beer for Summertime consumption are the wheat beers. This week, we’re going to focus on those yeast driven beers of Bavaria: Hefeweissen! 394 more words