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San Diego Send-Off: Smoked Beer Dinner at Ballast Point

I have a bias to admit: I’m not really big into hype. Whenever I hear about a “must have” beer or brewery, I generally exert too much effort and find myself disappointed in the end product (read: my quest to find Heady Topper). 1,259 more words

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Cruising San Diego's Breweries With Friends and Style

What happens when you pile 15 beer bloggers into a stretch limo and haul them around San Diego for a beer tour?  Exactly what you think would happen. 306 more words

Beer Bloggers Conference

San Diego Day 3: A Six-Hour Tour

One of the things I really enjoy about craft beer people is the age range (I wish I could say I enjoy the diversity, but with a few notable exceptions, we’re largely a majority-male, white, educated group). 606 more words

The Beers