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I Did a Bad, Bad Thing.

Mini-Me is a high school senior. She and her dad have been doing all the college application stuff with little involvement from me. Frankly, I like it this way. 529 more words


Ask me no questions...I'll tell you no lies!

Warning: This post is rated PG-13. Parents are advised to act as moral police if kids happen to read this post.

Honesty, a view not commonly held and even less commonly practiced, is truly the best policy for everyone (and not just for some, nor just for some of the time) and under essentially all circumstances, but does that stop us from doing it. 843 more words


White Lie... Good or Bad?

This day started off happily like these fluffy pancakes and fruit smoothie, but in the middle a problem occurred between Edward and myself. I know couples have their problems and this is ours. 149 more words

365 Days

Is it bad to lie for your own good?

Hi world! How’s everyone’s day going today? I hope it’s going better than mine. I went to school like always today. Everyday is just like I’m forcing myself to go to school. 280 more words

365 Days

Please, be honest.

Be honest, how many of you read my blog?
I’ll make it easy if you do please just put a . (period) in the comments.


Sejauh mana dokter mau berbohong pada asuransi DEMI pasiennya?

Berdasarkan pengalaman saya saat masih praktik sebagai klinis, menemukan pasien-pasien yang membutuhkan operasi atau prosedur tertentu dan ternyata tidak ditanggung oleh asuransinya rasanya seperti dihadapkan dalam sebuah dinding yang membuat frustasi. 799 more words