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sudarshan kriya : tingling in hands and feet


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The tingling in hands and feet after Sudarshan Kriya is caused by OVER BREATHING. Sudarshan Kriya is NOT NORMAL BREATHING. 148 more words

Sudarshan Kriya

sudarshan kriya : global failure of sri sri ravi shankar


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Since over 30 years, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his army of supporters in 152 countries have been trying to sell Sudarshan Kriya, and have failed miserably. 140 more words

Sudarshan Kriya

Why Telling Lies Is Bad For Any Relationship

Recently there was a lie told about me that didn’t sit well with me. I think white lies or lying because you want to do something nice or not hurt someone is better than something like money, social, sexual, health – just something BIG to lie about. 774 more words

Personal Development

Lying in Order to Not Hurt Someone's Feelings

When considering the issue of lying within a Christian context, some lies are easy to categorize as sin. Lying to each other in order get ahead in life, in order to malign someone, in order gain some kind of financial benefit. 697 more words


Never write anything down that you never want anyone to find out.

I’m probably blogging my own downfall.

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White Lie (teaser)

White Lie (Teaser)

Author         : Vicky Clarissa

Main Cast  : Choi Minho, Choi Sulli

Cast            : Lee Jonghyun, Kwon Yuri, Krystal Jung, and other

Length        : Chaptered… 290 more words

2 Things NOT to Say to the Pregnant Woman!

I was with an unnamed relative at the park when we struck up a conversation with one of the moms there. She was definitely pregnant and told us she had five weeks to go. 117 more words