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Lying- it gets you out of trouble

This refers to all the bad kids in class. The ones that say to the fill in teacher “Ms. told us we could.” The ones that say “I didn’t know” when they did. 161 more words


White Lie

An easy game for me to play,

but it was lurking until the end of the day.

Sneak and then snap,

false words continue to fill the gap. 32 more words


White Lie

You have always been
a prayer
pressed gently
against my chest,
a million dawns
clenched within my fists,
a dandelion blown
fluttering in the open air, 27 more words


Mad-Eye Moody and The System

That’s me that is, mad-eyed, one pupil dilated way beyond its normal sphere of calm perception.  More like a night on acid or that bloke from Harry Potter.  422 more words

REWARD: Hundreds of Dollars

I want to tell you about a reward I received. I wasn’t expecting this reward and was totally surprised!

The Beginning

I have this beautiful 18-year-old daughter who graduated from high school this past May (2014). 669 more words

White Lie - the Hidden Protection from the Truth

Why do we talk a white lie?

Most give the different yet same good level of intentions.

Perhaps it is about protecting the other for being hurt. 268 more words