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Parents, Kids, and Lying - It's Complicated

We all grew up with stories and fables about the dangers of telling lies — “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “Pinocchio” are among the favorites. 350 more words


Screw the system: sex, drugs and rock & roll

Written by Natasha Jokic, 

When I was about twelve, with a haircut I’d rather forget and a personality even more awkward than mine today, I could think of nothing cooler than being a rockstar. 814 more words


#SneakersWould and they did!

When it comes to down town Jozi parties, Converse really know how to kill it!

Im not going to hide the fact that I love Converse, after all they did give me sneakers to wear to the MTV EMA’s and all the other parties happening in Glasgow over the EMA weekend! 183 more words



“I am busy”, “I did not get time to reply”, “I forgot”, “I had to go”, “I couldn’t help it”, “It was not under my control”, “I was made to stay” – All these though may be highly valid reasons based on the circumstances, are most of the times small white lies that we tell ourselves and others, not that we want to lie-lie but because we actually believe them to be true. 384 more words


Why Honesty Really IS the Best Policy

Ooohhh I want to dance with somebody, I want to feel the heat with somebody….


If there is one thing I have learned this past month – maybe more so than I did during any major life event prior to this, even my big break up (that the world has read about) – it’s that being honest with people is truly a valuable skill. 1,821 more words

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How to beat procrastination - Catch one lie a day

The unexamined life is not worth living

I am a procrastinator, I do not like doing things right away, I like to find reasons to put them off.

1,273 more words

Book Review: White Lies, by Emily Harper

Searching for the man of her dreams, one want ad at a time…

Imagine standing in line at Harvey Nichols waiting to buy the most gorgeous silk Gucci dress.

329 more words