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Sometimes, It's Okay To Lie To Your Husband

I went into my current relationship with my eyes wide open. I knew that neither one of us was a saint, and that we had both messed up a couple of our relationships in our past. 906 more words

Milo Greene - On The Fence

Milo Greene are back with the second release from their sophomore album, Control. After listening to “White Lies” I was a little (really only a tiny bit) worried that their upcoming releases might fall into the pool of generic indie, electro, pop efforts that are floating around these days. 104 more words


Too poor for soda? Really mom???

Ok, so you all know we have those little white lies we tell our kids. Don’t sit there shaking your head, Santa Easter Bunny Tooth Fairy! 122 more words


Secrets & White Lies

These past 3 weeks have consisted of some of the most interesting, chaotic, and spontaneous times of my life. However, I’ve also been spending so much effort covering up my secrets by exhausting excuses that have turned into white lies. 262 more words



Simple color red
Something I lack
Something I took from a friend
I stabbed him in the back

It may come as a shock
It may come as a threat… 43 more words


Phrases I use that my parents used on me!

Earlier this afternoon I was standing in the kitchen peeling and cutting potatoes when I looked over to Benji standing close to the TV. My first reaction was to say ‘Mate, if you stand too close to the TV your eyes will go square. 179 more words

Real Life Mum