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White Lies

It’s always a mystery why some bands do so well and some bands never amount to anything, at least commercially speaking. Obviously things like talent, showmanship, music quality, hard work and promotion all play a part, but controlling for certain variables, it’s still surprising to me how some bands become huge when I really can’t find anything about them remarkable one way or the other. 555 more words

Live Music

Let's call a spade a spade

When on the outside looking in, it’s often to let subjectivity get in the way of what truly stands before you. I say this to say that everything isn’t what it seems. 958 more words


'Every good story deserves to be embellished.' ~ Gandalf.

So, when I was a tiddlywink I, like most children I imagine, was told not to lie. When I’d make a boring family holiday sound like an adventure to the moon and back riding demesticated unicorns, I was clipped around the ear and sent to the naughty table outside the head teacher’s office for lying. 495 more words

When White Lies Becomes True Lies

White Lies.  More often we brush them off our shoulders and let it pass more likely a benefit than an excuse.  Moreso these white… 388 more words



Day 1 of Coachella may be over, but Day 2 is seriously fanfriggintastic. I’m going to keep the party rolling with a grooveshaking mix of some acts that are worth a listen (or two or three – c’mon, just replay it). 16 more words


Simple Lies

Found these:
Truth and Lies
A poster series by Justin Barber

Here’s one, check out the rest through the link or click the picture:


and you believed what you see...

…instead of what’s beneath and behind it.

i know how i am. who i am. what am i doing. what’s right. what’s wrong. i know i’d been going out at night, late night i means, often. 502 more words