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I honestly don't think White Lung's Mish Way is a hipster. Fight me.

I recently interviewed White Lung singer Mish Way for a news piece for Exclaim! You can see my news story here.

From their beginnings in the mid-2000s, this Vancouver punk rock foursome have been tagged as “hipsters” or worse, but take their music at face value and this is a great punk band in the spirit of great punk bands like Wire, Bikini Kill, Fugazi, Joy Division and many more names we’d never dream of shit-talking. 1,323 more words


20 Years of Hole's 'Live Through This': 12 Musicians and Writers Dissect It Track by Track

Twenty years after the release of Hole’s Live Through This, the level of critical praise and commercial success the album achieved is perhaps lost on those who didn’t witness it firsthand. 5,191 more words


New: Parquet Courts + Popstrangers + Makthaverskan + White Lung

Today’s edition of Ryan’s jizz-tastic explorations is brought to you by the genre: FUZZ. Also, none of these bands are from ‘Straya, so there’s that as well. 437 more words

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WHITE LUNG, AUTOBAHN, CLAW MARKS | 100 Club | 22.05.2014

After releasing two incredible, hard-hitting albums and countless singles on various indie labels including SEXBEAT last November (link to 7” release page) – WHITE LUNG… 120 more words



This week we went to the Hannah Hoch exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery. The exhibition was my first introduction to the work of Hannah Hoch and of her importance as a prominent figure of the Dada movement and of modernism. 281 more words

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes To Love Album Review

Perfect Pussy are crude hardcore Punk band from Syracuse and their 23 minute debut ‘Say Yes To Love’ has no scenery, it’s just destruction followed by self mutilation followed by throwing up on the bathroom floor. 314 more words

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White Lung - Drown With the Monster (Music Video)

White lung have been beating their own path for a while now, fearlessly flying forward and leave in a trail of flames in their wake. In the most recent example of this, they’ve unleashed the video for “Drown With the Monster” off of their upcoming Domino debut 7″ of the same name. 83 more words