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A Tough Winter for Southern Bats: Tracking the Spread of WNS in Georgia

By: Trina Morris, Georgia DNR wildlife biologist

The winter bat monitoring season had an ominous start. Kevin Glenn of the National Speleological Society emailed in early February to say they had seen signs of white-nose syndrome on bats in Kingston Saltpeter Cave. 1,691 more words


Why Should I Care About Bats?

By Carissa Hutchinson

BATS! Many people are afraid of them and the only bat that people don’t fear is Batman. So why should we care about them? 1,081 more words


Another pollinator in spiraling decline ...

Epidemic That Has Killed Millions of Bats Across Eastern United States Has Now Reached Wisconsin, Michigan

For Immediate Release, April 11, 2014

Contact: Mollie Matteson, (802) 318-1487… 579 more words

Deadly bat epidemic spreads, now in half of U.S. states

The bat-killing fungal infection known as white-nose syndrome has been found in two new U.S. states, further threatening animals that are vital to ecosystems and economies across North America. 903 more words

Endangered Species

Biological Hazard - State of North Carolina, [Rutherford and Henderson counties]

Earth Watch Report  -  Biological Hazards

A) Greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis) with white fungal growth around its muzzle, ears, and wing membranes (photograph provided by Tamás Görföl). 1,115 more words

Earth Watch Report

Oil Spill Effects, Michigan Trail Networks and a Deadly Bat Fungus: This Week in Environmental News

By Alyssa Kobylarek, MNA intern

Every Friday, MNA gathers news related to conservation and the environment that has happened throughout the state and country. Here are a few highlights of what happened this week in environmental news: 476 more words

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