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Featured: Learning About Community From My Parents' Basement

So what I didn’t tell you about self-employment in my last post is that since it’s not the most lucrative, I’m one of those Millennials now living at home. 105 more words


Karachi In The Yard

There was no way I was going to go to Crossfit yesterday after I worked all night and slept only 5hrs. However, when I looked at the WOD, I realized I had almost everything to do the whole class at home with some modifications. 282 more words


Personalized Autumn Picket Fence

White wooden picket fence with fall swag, burlap bow, and attached personalized sign. Order your’s today and wow your guests this fall! Or give as a gift to a friend! 23 more words


When the Only Thing that Keeps You Sane is Coming Home

When the only thing that keeps you sane is coming home, BE glad, that you still have a “safe place” you can head towards, when things get too tough… 183 more words


Brighton, Who Was Dealt a Good Hand in Life, the Story of a Passionate School Teacher


“Vincent, you must come back to visit me, we’re buddy buddy, real friends.”, Brighton hugged me real hard, and it’d almost made me shed my manly tears. 1,026 more words


When the Homeless Population is Made Up of Mostly Children

And no, our “plane” still did NOT just CRASH into some THIRD WORLD nations either!!!

When the homeless population is made up of mostly children, you have to wonder, what the HELL IS the parents thinking, letting their offspring infiltrate those streets, and, don’t the parents KNOW how dangerous those streets can be, especially at night??? 153 more words