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A Man Forcibly Robbed a Woman on Her Motorcycle, Took Over Ten Thousand Dollars, Used the Amount to Buy Scratch-Offs, and Ended Up, Losing it All

This, is KARMA, if you ask me, because the money wasn’t yours to begin with!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A woman, Tsai, a few days ago, rode her motorcycle to Xinyi Elementary School to pick her son up from after school, while she waited, she’d placed her purse on the pedal board, stood by her motorcycle, playing with her cell phone, a man, Kao who rode a motorcycle by her, grabbed her purse, and Tsai didn’t have the time to react, after they got into a physical altercation, the bag was still forcibly taken from her. 341 more words


Getting Past My Husband's Affair

A story on marriage, translated…

I can’t believe it, this actually happened to me.  Many years ago, I chose to turn a blind eye to my husband’s affair, and, what I’d gotten in return was, a happy marriage on the surface, but my distrust toward my husband. 454 more words


“I Thought You Were Only Interested in a One-Night-Stand”, the Woman Got Angered, and Sued the Man for Rape

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lai used the cell phone application, “Shake it”, asked a twenty-five year old woman out, and had sex with her, the very next day, the woman texted him to go see the night scenes, he’d “not read the message, and not replied” for six hours, the woman got angered and told him, “You were only looking for a one-night-stand, I’m going to sue you for rape!”  The D.A.’s office in Hsinbei City believed that it was consensual sex, and so, they didn’t prosecute the man. 367 more words


White Picket Fence with 2.5 Children?

Some days I want the white picket fence. The 2.5 children. The “American dream.” But some days I want the freedom. To get up and go with my Christopher whenever we damn well please (work and financially approved of course). 274 more words


Reducing Income Inequality

I don’t hear the UPPER class complaining, so, it MUST be the middle AND the lower classes who are “whining” then???  Reducing income inequality, so, we would ALL have equal piece of the pie, so, why don’t we go “back” to communism, where everything IS shared, equally, even IF you don’t work as hard, you’d still get paid, the SAME amount as the next dude who slaved his life away? 129 more words


Babies, Discarded, Like T-R-A-S-H

And no, we’re still NOT visiting the G-H-E-T-T-O-S today, okay???

Babies, discarded, like T-R-A-S-H, their dead corpses were found, inside those black trash bags (you know, the ones you buy at those local wholesale, retail places???). 124 more words


A Man Was Called a Retard, He'd Killed the Woman, and Got Thirteen Years in Prison

From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, He, was displeased at how a female owner of a hair salon saw his handicapped manual and called him “retard”, he got furious, took a hammer, and hammered down on the back of the woman’s head over twenty times, the woman ended up dead, after he’d committed the crimes, he ran away, with two laptops belonging to the woman, Yu, along with $300 N.T.s from the cash register.   323 more words

Cost Of Living