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Love Became Black & Blue

Love became black and blue, because it got abused by us both, we kept beating it down, knowing for certain it could NEVER leave us.  Love became black and blue, after it’d endured through the pains, the sufferings that were imposed onto us by our own families of origin. 170 more words

Wake Up Calls

Dear boys, one day I will come to your house and break all your stuff.

Dear boys,

I’m proud to be your parent. I really mean that. I would never suggest that having 4 sons as spunky as you are entitles me to a trophy. 935 more words

The Infidelities of Her Man

She’d put up with it, because there’s NOTHING else she can do, to STOP him from cheating on her, and plus, he’d always come back to her bed, eventually, and so, she’d put up with his infidelities. 203 more words

Coping Mechanisms

A Woman Had a Child, to Save Her Marriage, the Cheating Husband Changed the Locks on the Doors, to Force Her to Divorce

This, is how C-O-L-D a man CAN get, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

She has a master’s degree from the U.S., and gone against her parents’ advisory, insisted on marrying him, who only has a technical high school education, she’d gone back to her mother’s house to get her pregnancy settled, and, “she couldn’t return to her house again”. 546 more words

Properties Of Life

A Man Who Killed His Own Father Had Amnesia of the Event, on the Murder of His Own Grandmother, He’d Recalled the Events, He Was Given a Ten-Year Sentence

With a history of mental illness, now, this man killed again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Eight years ago, a man named Lee killed his own father, the D.A. 430 more words


Wait Until Dark

Wait until dark, and you can come out to play, after all, ghosts all come out, after the sun goes down…

Wait until dark, when everything’s quieted, all the noises of the day had been silenced, then, maybe, just M-A-Y-B-E, you can get some perspective then, but, NOT during the day time, because everything’s hustlin’ and bustlin’. 100 more words


When Her Words Weighed More than Mine

Family F-E-U-D, about to begin here!!!

When her words weighed more than mine, I AM your mother, and you should’ve listened to me, instead of your wife!   196 more words

Family Matters