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From a Dentist ot a Baker

Changing tracks, for the sake of love, translated…

My husband is an only son, in his parents’ expectations, after he’d graduated from the major of pharmacy, he’d studied for two years, and gotten into dental school. 625 more words


Being Pursued After by the Eldest Son of the Family

A story on marriage, translated…

At the start of the blossoming seasons, I’d always recalled how when the “eldest son” pursued me back then, every time we’d met up, he’d pulled out a bundle of flowers with buds.  512 more words


Her Husband had a Bastard with His Ex, and the Mother-in-Law Helped Take Care, Everybody ELSE Knows, Save for Her

And so, how can this WIFE be SO blind AND stupid, I wonder???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The married man, Lee had an affair four years ago with his ex-girlfriend, and Lee had adopted his own son, and asked his own mother to take care of him.   532 more words

News Stories

Should We Marry?

Let’s see how the love works out here, translated…

A is a nurse, someone I’d met and come to know through my years of working at the hospital, she had been with her boyfriend for over a decade so far, I’d asked her when she’ll get married, that I couldn’t wait to get the wedding invitations from them, she’d told me plainly, “the thought of marriage had not yet crossed my mind, and, it’s not anytime soon.” 540 more words


Getting Over Postpartum Depression

How do I get rid of those baby blues??? Translated…

After twenty hours’ WORTH of intensive labor, after I’d gone all out, having my child, I felt completely spent. 624 more words

Roses and White Picket Fences: delusions of dreams

There are two imageries in our society that carry a lot of weight and perpetuate delusional aspirations: the rose, and a white picket fence.

The rose often conjures up the idea of romance, while the white picket fence suggests a romance that has graduated to stability and the ideal American family life. 393 more words


Won’t Get Kicked Around on the Weekends Again, on Starting to Work Again

Finding a second spring in one’s career here, translated…

My mother who was watching the nighttime primetime soaps received a call from her third youngest daughter, Wen, said that she’d found a job through a job hunting site of nine to five, that even though, it paid by the hour, but the pay was really little, however, she gets her weekends off, and for her, this, was hard to come by. 340 more words