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Merge was my mother’s favorite word,
as was adapt -
These could only be applied to individuals
in her book.

Conformity and integration were key, 25 more words

A Man in the Army Who Raped a Teenager Gets an Eight-Month Court Marshal

Apparently, being ENLISTED in the A-R-M-Y still can’t get them to be disciplined enough, can it???  From the Newspapers Online, translated…

A 21-year-old servicemen, Chen, last year, during the summertime, met a teenager in her third year of middle school, one day, the two of them went to a super convenient store in Lugang to eat with a group of friends, half way through their conversations, Chen became real horny, he’d pulled the young woman into the public restrooms, and started humping her.   163 more words


When Gunfire & Tear Gas are Used on the General Public

And so, I guess, there’s NO way this will end peacefully then???  From MSNNEWS.com…

Hundreds of protesters, including young children, fled to safety after police wearing gas masks and body armor fired canisters of smoke to disperse them hours ahead of a planned midnight curfew. 513 more words


Followed and Hurt Four Middle School Aged Girls, the Man Who’d Splashed Acid on Them Stated, “I’m Getting Even for My Broken Heart”

Scapegoating here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were four middle school age female students who were hurt by strong acid in the two weeks’ time, the police used the surveillance camera footage on the streets and arrested the nineteen year old suspect, Lin, the crowd circled around him and beaten him, and because the police stepped in, that, was how this didn’t get out of control.   383 more words


A Woman Hired a Male Masseur, and He Became Horny in the Massage, and Didn’t Wear a Condom, and She Sued Him for Rape

We have here, ANOTHER “horny D-O-G”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Wang, went online, and found a male masseur, Lu, and he went to her place to give her a massage, she got turned on, and asked Lu to put a condom on to make love to her, in the process, Lu changed to using his hands, later, he was sued by Wang for rape.   380 more words


Drawing the Curtains with His Own Suicide

That, was how he “went out”, he drew the curtains on his own life, with his suicide, and, nobody ever knew that he was depressed, because everybody expected him to be happy, as he was the class clown, the one who always made people laugh, and, people never expected, that this “clown” that they were friends with was actually unhappy. 141 more words


Adding Up the Countless Nights

By adding up the countless nights that you’d cried yourselves to sleep because of that LOSER’s betrayals, how many did you get?  A CENTURY, maybe? 213 more words