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From Tall, Dark & Handsome to Owing Too Much Debts

From someone’s observations, translated…

My classmate’s older brother is tall and handsome, right after military school, he’d had a smooth ride to the top, and because he hadn’t found a wife, and saved up on every dollar he’d earned, he’d accumulated quite a large amount of money in his bank accounts. 425 more words


White Picket Fence

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about traveling around the world or the country.   Most of these articles are about people who live in their vehicles or work abroad in order to travel. 575 more words


Fairy Garden

I made this a while back and had so much fun! Fairy gardens are just adorable and you can really get creative on a mini scale.  179 more words

The Voice Of Anarchadia New Zealand

My quests for information have allowed me a few great opportunities to speak with some amazing people. Though I feel as if I am stuck in America sometimes, especially in the sense of political climate, it is refreshing to hear a new perspective from the other side of the world. 1,276 more words


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a Thought on Anarchy, it's NOT really as BAD as you MIGHT think...just an alternative viewpoint.

In U.S., Racial Divide Festers, by: M. Wines, on Steps Taken Backwards

Look how far we’d come, and yet, we’re still taking these steps backwards, from The New York Times, as found in the papers today… 1,139 more words




~ The Pluto-Uranus Square is the headline this week and any Breaking News will have this Dynamic Duo at its heart ‘n soul. 366 more words


Teddy Bears & Flowers Outside in the Yard

After a young child died in the neighborhood, you see these Teddy bears and flowers, outside in the yard of the family who suffered this horrendous loss.   150 more words