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A Young Child Rode Around on a Water Motorcycle, After Five to Six Times Riding, She Was Riding it for the Last Time, and She Fell into the Waters and Drowned

S-P-L-A-S-H-E-D, literally, across the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nine-year-old girl, Yang yesterday followed her family to the place where the Hualien Stream emptied out into the oceans, she and her four other cousins rode on the water motorcycles, and, as the motorcycle made a huge turn, she’d fallen into the waters, and five hours later, her body was found, and, after the family rushed her to the hospital, she’d still died. 441 more words


14 July 9:25pm

Ok so I’m a bottle of wine down and I apologise if I ramble. It’s times like this I thank the internet gods for predictive text. 638 more words

No Room for Love in a Marriage

There’s simply, NO room for love in a marriage, I mean, look at how CRAMPED this place already is!!!

No room for love in a marriage, after all, love, should’ve been over and done by now, because love came as a prerequisite for marriage, doesn’t it?   124 more words


Live a Deliberate Life, "Beyond the Picket Fence"

This week, I’m interviewing Chris Taylor, writer, entrepreneur, and speaker, about his first book Beyond the Picket Fence, now available for pre-order. I was intrigued about the message of Chris’s book to live a deliberate life and wanted to know more about what this means for employees and employers, and Chris did not disappoint. 2,295 more words

Jane Watson

Outsiders' Musings XLIII: Tapped Out is taking over my iPad

As an writer on this here website, I face a rather inopportune problem. Tapped Out is literally taking over my iPad. I mean, of course, that it is becoming too large with all these updates and is using too much space in the memory of my device. 444 more words

After the Break-Up, He Killed His Ex, and Told Her, “Never Again”

Not a “good” bye at all, I’m afraid, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu, fell in love with a married woman, Wu, the two had been dating for almost two years to date, Wu wanted to break up.   400 more words

Wake Up Calls

A Body for His Family to Bury

He went out to see, fell overboard, and, the coastguards, they’d done all they could, to TRY to recover his body, but, to NO avail.  A body for his family to bury, that, is what they needed now, and yet, they can’t have that, because his body was never recovered from the oceans, and, on his funeral, there was just an empty casket, with his old clothes… 122 more words