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Privilege: Sometimes It's Not the Devil You're Advocating For

I’m not a fan of the word “privilege.” In some ideal world where arguments don’t happen, and confrontation doesn’t exist, and people only ever have the best, most benevolent intentions in mind, “privilege” would be a perfectly acceptable word. 4,313 more words


Prejudice and Privilege

I really dislike looking into matters of race, but you don’t have to scratch the surface of any American problem very hard to find race eating away just under the surface, complicating solutions and, worse, analysis. 2,866 more words

More "F_ucking N_gger"... From An Angry White Woman

Sarasota Florida school bus driver, Pamela Michener.  


Regardless of issue, I am not hearing the black participants in the argument using racial slurs, nor do I hear profane language. 314 more words

White Privilege

The Curse of Western Voluntourism

I am fixing to go into a fit of rage as I write this post, all thanks to one Matthew Durham. His claim to fame? Allegations that he  725 more words

The Africa I Know

What to do now that you're aware of your privilege(s)

When it comes to concept of privilege, there seems to be this common stumbling block for people who are well-meaning and want to be social justice allies of some sort or another. 1,719 more words

What White People Need To Understand About White Privilege

It’s a concept that is wildly misunderstood. It’s a reality that is often ignored. It’s the truth that affects each of us every day. We can choose to ignore it. 881 more words