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Ramblings of a White Girl: Colorblindness

*Note* This post is written by a white girl, from the perspective of a white person, for white people. But feel free to read it even if you don’t classify yourself as Caucasian/white.* 655 more words

Message For a White Chick Named, Cit Cat...GET OVER IT!!!

For over the past 6 months, some crazy white chick named Cit Cat has been stalking this blog on an old post: 10 Rules For White Women Married to Black Men.   548 more words

Black Culture

Passing privilege, and other curses in disguise

My mother is Turkish, my father Pakistani. I have absolutely no Anglo-European blood in me. I am relatively light-skinned, but I am neither ethnically or phenotypically white… 1,204 more words

Social Justice

Gay Marriage or NAH? My Ambivalence

As I type, a couple is filing a lawsuit that could legalize gay marriage in Georgia. I found out as I scrolled through my Facebook timeline and as I read the article, my mixed feelings about marriage equality started to surface. 468 more words

The Issues

I'm Not Allowed To Have Feelings Or Opinions (Because I'm White)

I have been white for 22 years and 4 months and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to hate myself for that or be grateful for it. 462 more words

White Girl Writing

This post has been fermenting in my brain for about a month now. Maybe longer. Then I read this article from Buzz Feed, and I started thinking about it more. 1,442 more words