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Without less day eighty-six

I worked today at the Caffe Trieste Annex Store. It was a slow day. Early in the day I made a mistake that I realized after it was done and yet before it was worse. 333 more words

Caffe Trieste Annex Store

Pastel Spotlight On Mab Graves -- Through The Looking Glass

Mab Graves is by far one of my favorite artists. I know I’ve mentioned her before since I received this lovely Leia cameo recently. But her artwork has always held a special place in my heart. 495 more words



This is Snowball.

He’s a little on the grey side or white, so he’s also been known to be called Dustball and Dust Bunny.  He is my daughter’s beloved rabbit, and she occasionally lets him wander in the grass for exercise and a snack.  73 more words


framing red clay

As many of my readers may know by now, I spent a glorious week of August as a participant artist in the White Rabbit Residency… 467 more words


Jack/ John/ Ed/ Mort

Jack- Jack Sprat, Jack-o-lantern, Captain Jack Sparrow of “Pirates of the Caribbean” played by Johnny Depp –|
Johnny Depp starred in several movies, including “Secret Window” (based on a story by Stephen King), Alice in Wonderland (and I can see myself very much down the rabbit hole, thank you), Edward Scizzorhands (the first movie to make me cry), and Sweeny Todd –| 810 more words

Pinspiration - Alice In Wonderland

A morning late but never mind, and I’ve just realised my lateness is actually quite apt for yesterdays pinspiration…

Alice In Wonderland

I saw this quote late last night from Alice in Wonderland and the different interpretations of the question is what caught my attention, primarily because my first interpretation of it was not the straightforward ‘which physical direction?’, but the more open ended ‘where do I go in life?’. 220 more words