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Flickr Friday:「駭客任務」#Matrix

本周 #FlickrFriday 的徵圖主題是「駭客任務」#Matrix。這是部非常有梗的電影,至於大家要怎麼樣來詮釋這個主題呢?就看各位的創意了。拍照時請小心,看看有沒有史密斯探員在附近監視你…

請把你的相片分享到 #FlickrFriday 群組,下周我們會選出佳作,在 Flickr Blog 中刊出。


Flickr Friday: Matrix

It’s Friday! Follow the white rabbit for #FlickrFriday and enter the matrix!

The Matrix is the pillar, it’s a structure that gives the energy to reproduce, surround and build things. 75 more words


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I guess someone might think that when it’s the worst it can possibly get you’ve got some sort of eloquent or not so eloquent apology about not being able to go on, or maybe it’s a giant fuck you to the world, and there’s a plan in place that involves a bang or a quiet ending or hanging…hanging is popular. 363 more words