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pill popping

the dr. prescribes the latest pills

- one in the morning

- one at night

good for the heart

…………age deflates

the balloon of youth… 77 more words

Mark William Jackson

I'm late, I'm late...

Elaine Everest explains why she is always trying to catch up with herself.

I always thought that the life of a writer would be a life of glamour and ease. 653 more words

Monday Must Haves - My Wonderland Living Room

I think I’ve mentioned before that Jeremy and I are hoping to buy a house next year. We’re still taking the necessary steps to get everything in order, but things are looking good for us and I’m very excited. 352 more words


Sibling Rivalry: The Creation of Tessa

Chapter 6: Old Habits Die Hard

Ever since I started writing I’ve had the certain notion to bring in new characters with style. I try to make each characters entrance as unique as they are within the story. 420 more words


Attack of the Zombie White Rabbit!!

Before I start the actual post, I’d like to thank those awesome people who’ve actually taken time out of their day to read my first ever blog post! 930 more words


Dodgson's Adventures in Laudenum.

My disappointing intake of opiate had worn off by morning and I awoke naturally for the first time in several weeks. The general malaise and paranoia were not as acute on this morn as they had been during days past. 385 more words


"Four legs good, two legs bad"*...

Manchester-based design firm Dorothy commissioned illustrator Tracy Worrall to create “Rock ‘N Roll Zoo.” It’s a collection of prints featuring 77 fantastical animals inspired by song titles.

300 more words