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Jack/ John/ Ed/ Mort

Jack- Jack Sprat, Jack-o-lantern, Captain Jack Sparrow of “Pirates of the Caribbean” played by Johnny Depp –|
Johnny Depp starred in several movies, including “Secret Window” (based on a story by Stephen King), Alice in Wonderland (and I can see myself very much down the rabbit hole, thank you), Edward Scizzorhands (the first movie to make me cry), and Sweeny Todd –| 810 more words

Pinspiration - Alice In Wonderland

A morning late but never mind, and I’ve just realised my lateness is actually quite apt for yesterdays pinspiration…

Alice In Wonderland

I saw this quote late last night from Alice in Wonderland and the different interpretations of the question is what caught my attention, primarily because my first interpretation of it was not the straightforward ‘which physical direction?’, but the more open ended ‘where do I go in life?’. 220 more words


We're All Mad Here...

I’ve been dying to share this work in progress! I’m having a lot of fun playing with it and watching it evolve. I still have work to do on every aspect of it, the faces, bodies, background… But I’m enjoying taking my time with it. 120 more words


"White Rabbit" Performed by Jefferson Starship

The Jefferson Starship appeared in San Diego to perform their music on September 8, 2010, the day the lights went out in San Diego. But the show did go on.

Music Video

The Vaping Rabbit: The White Rabbit

The Breakdown

The Vaping Rabbit is a very hip little boutique small-batch e-liquid company found in the wondrous rabbit hole known as Los Angeles. Started in 2006 as a fusion between two businesses owned by proprietor Barbara Villegas, one being a hookah bar and the other an ice cream shop, The Vaping Rabbit has grown into a company which prides itself as one of the more high-end top shelf producers of the vape world; something you can tell just by looking at the bottle. 924 more words


Alice in Wonderland by Mab Graves

If we were millionaires we would own a modest mansion to keep all of our cats in, and ALL of Mab Graves original works of art.  49 more words