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Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 9-12-14

Summer on the White _ Sara Thomas image

IT SEEMS, for the next week at least that the brutal heat of summer is done. The long range forecasts are showing a few days in the mid80s but that will be the extent of it, which for most folks means some pretty nice fishing weather _ and probably some extended wading water. 485 more words


Random Rail Shot

In a rare “Double Whammy”, I present to you a random rail shot to follow up my vintage motive power post.  Above is Claremont Concord Railroad (CCRR) GP9 1907, and a handsome locomotive it is.  134 more words


Davy Wotton Winged Wet Hare's Ear/March Brown

A winged wet Hare’s Ear as traditional and elegant a fish catcher as you will find.

Winged wet flies date back the early 19th Century UK, a time when the vice was considered a subversive influence, bamboo hadn’t really taken over from wood, and a light trout rod might be 12’ long. 208 more words


Dally's Fly Fishing Report _ 9/4/14

The end of summer draweth nigh, but many an evening of hopper fishing remains. In normal years July and August are our hottest months and usually hold the best hopper fishing, but this summer has been a little mild, with only a couple weeks so far of brain melting heat. 448 more words


New Davy Wotton Whitetail Midges

Redhead Whitetail Midges: Black at left and Hare’s Ear, middle and right

DAVY WOTTON’s Whitetail Midges have been one of the hottest performers on our tailwaters since we started putting Davy’s patterns in our bins back in ‘06. 42 more words


August Report and Whitetail Midges _ Davy Wotton

John Nurge, nails this fine 24 incher wet fly fishing with a DW Daddy fly _ Davy Wotton image

August despite the days of high heat, both l and my fisherman experienced some awesome days on there on the river, frequent days of 50 to 80 fish, many fine browns from 16 to 24 ins and a number of class bows from BSD.

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Grandma's Challenge

Here is a cool idea for a family reunion.  Our five families met at a lake cabin in the Ozarks this weekend.  On Saturday morning, Grandma gave each family an envelope.  602 more words