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Capital Chic Patterns–where you can have your own cocktails

So this morning my twitter feed went mad! Little did I expect when I was wishing Sally good luck for the day as she shared that today was a big day for her that she was launching her own pattern company… 714 more words


White Russian

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You had a great time at the Lebowski fest but you didn’t give me any credit for taking you there.

Day 8: Favorite Drinks

I enjoy a good drink every now and then, below are few that I enjoy

30 Day Challenge

Black Russian

The Black Russian is a drink which I almost always found to be a poor alternative to the  more interesting and fun White Russian. However, having recently discovered that the original recipe doesn’t call for any cola whatsoever and, therefore, … 137 more words


ben and jerry's - raleigh, NC


We had just eaten at the Cowfish and, although we were pretty full, the thought of walking across the street for ice cream didn’t sound crazy, especially for a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop. 138 more words