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How To Eat Pho!

After church (Tyler’s performance), we had to run errands. We were super hungry so we came to eat pho. (Even though we knew we had to go back to church for lunch). 39 more words


Eye ballin' DIY

What’s crackin’ Trinketers. It’s been a while right? Uuurgh. Life you know. It has this funny way of slapping you in the face harder than Kim K’s left butt cheek sometimes. 305 more words

Dale Anne Scogings

Jenna Lyons perfects wedding guest attire

Jenna Lyons

Feather Maxi

Leopard Clutch

New Orleans Venue

So my favourite look from the past week definitely has to be Jenna Lyons (Creative Director of J.Crew). 91 more words

Jenna Lyons is my spirit animal


We all know my love for J Crew, but however the one thing greater then that love , is my praise to my leader Jenna Lyons. 248 more words


The Capsule Wardrobe | Wants, Needs and Laundry

I forgot to wash my clothes.

I never thought that I would say that on the blog but heres the deal I ran out of viable capsule items and this was the result. 330 more words

Daily Fashion

Heat Exhaustion

This weekend temperatures hit a scorching high for this time of year. My response was to reach for whisper thin cotton pieces; a barely there white shirt and oversized boyfriend jeans. 32 more words


The feel-good fashion

On clothes:

Ever since I was a child, I always had a certain garment in my wardrobe that would make me feel a lot of good things: smart (or at least smarter), stylish, edgy – although these were not the terms I would have used at that age, but the feeling was equivalent – and, also important, good-looking. 166 more words