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Carlos Londono created the Pommocho in 2010 at Cafe Pacifico in London, a “tequila church” according to Tom Sandham “World´s Best Cocktails“.  If you go there one day, you should ask for this refreshing minty tequila drink! 55 more words


The Connection Between Sugar and Alzheimer's Disease

The evidence demonstrating a connection between sugar intake and Alzheimer’s Disease is mounting. The exact mechanism has yet to be discovered but the theories revolve around a link between the intake of sugar, the subsequent spike in blood sugar and the inflammatory and damaging effects this excess blood sugar has on our neuronal health. 570 more words

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mmmm, so yum. I always had one dream: a big jar filled with cookies that Mam hides from you cos “sugar is so unhealthy” yet she always makes sure that that one special jar is never empty. 155 more words


Condensed Milk Sugar Bread 炼奶白糖牛奶面包。 简单面包美味无穷!

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 6th July 2014

Simple pleasure in life. I do love this taste. I remembered such bread accompanied my younger working days. 223 more words


Cancer and Sugar
By Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.

Some years back I accompanied one of my daughters to the doctor after she was diagnosed with colon cancer. 934 more words

Fed Up . . . with Sugars?

I had the opportunity to go with my local Farm Tour group to a screening of the recently released Fed Up.  There is some great information in there.  886 more words

Food Allergies

10 things I don't have in my house

  1. Instant coffee – my opinions on the stuff are well known.
  2. Coloured mascara – it’s just not for me, I’m afraid.
  3. White sugar – we don’t use a lot of sugar anyway, but when we do we use raw.
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