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"Sugar we're going down"

So the most mind-boggling one is the sugar. EVERYTHING has sugar in.

But the homeopathist found that my body was having trouble with refined sugars… 224 more words


Dessert: Banana Cake

Hello! it’s been a while, – Happy April ! 

Are you wanting to bake something and need an idea? have no fear, my banana cake recipe… 256 more words

Melt-in-your-mouth Peanut Blossoms

These peanut butter cookies are literally melt-in-your mouth and it’s hard to stop munching on them once you start. You can’t really go wrong with the baking as it’s a fairly easy recipe. 634 more words

Baked Goodies

Brown Sugar Snicker-doodles

I love Snicker-doodles… My mom use to make them all the time when I was growing up… they’re my Dad’s favorite cookie!!!  So when I came across Brown Sugar Snicker-doodles… I had to try them!

195 more words

Letting Go of Old Ways

Earlier this month I finally decided to do something about the way I eat.  I’m carrying around a little too much weight.  I want to lose it but I don’t want to diet, mostly because I’ve never had success with diets.   424 more words


My Empty Sugar Bowl

My sugar bowl is empty.  I’ve quit filling it. That’s right, I have voluntarily quit filling the sugar bowl at my house. Over the years, I can’t imagine how many bags of white sugar have been poured into this bowl and then scooped out by my family, one tablespoon at a time (when we weren’t just dumping the contents into our already sugared cereal bowls).  131 more words

A Spoonful of Sugar Education!

Despite it being winter in BC, I somehow managed to have an abundance of zucchini in my fridge. Random, I know. To solve this problem my natural inclination was, and always is, to make some form of zucchini bread. 839 more words