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America has a serious terrorism problem - and refuses to acknowledge it

The United States of America contains a vast, nation-wide network of terrorist groups, armed to the teeth, conspiring to overthrow the federal government. These groups operate mostly in the shadows, a semi-legal world where they acquire the latest arms, organise secret cells, carry out operations to destabilise the government and undermine their authority, and rely on a reservoir of latent support in the communities they inhabit. 2,703 more words

Mom let white supremacist husband torture and humiliate her half-Latina daughters

A woman in North Andover, Massachusetts was arrested and charged with allowing her white supremacist husband to sexually abuse, torture and humiliate her two daughters because their father was Hispanic. 483 more words

People Who Hurt Children

Officers Raid Oregon Home In White Supremacist Gang Investigation

FAIRVIEW, Ore. (AP) — The Multnomah County sheriff’s office has raided a home at Fairview as part of an investigation of white supremacist gang activity. 59 more words


Las Vegas Shooting Suspects Wielded Nazi Swastika

The shooters who killed two Las Vegas cops Sunday draped a Revolutionary-era flag and a Nazi swastika over one of the bodies, authorities said Monday, describing the killers as espousing views and carrying symbols that were “undoubtedly” white supremacist in nature. 336 more words

Why mulattoes and other hybrids are not Afrikan

(or if Jesus’ colour doesn’t matter, why was it necessary to depict him as white?)

It took me a year to finally accept this conclusion. I had an argument with a YouTuber concerning this issue in reference to a video he posted entitled “Just because you got black in you.” He proceeded to say that racially mixed people (i.e. 2,938 more words

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