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Asian American Journalism Organization Calls On Fox News To Apologize For 'Islamophobia'

I shouldn’t pay attention to Fox because they are obviously insane people but this is the shit so many people watch and digest. Like my grandad for example. 17 more words

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Following Ferguson: Asian Americans Can Choose ‘Invisibility, Complicity, or Resistance’


Communities of color have unique experiences that should not be equated with one another. People of color in the U.S. all live amidst white supremacy, but not everyone lives as targets of anti-blackness. 

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11 Amazing Songs About Police Brutality

Probably could drop the Rolling Stones song from the “amazing” category but it’s nice to see so much discussion and list compiling about police brutality. 17 more words

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5 Terrifying Facts About Undocumented Asian Americans

4) Over 250,000 Asian American immigrants have been deported under the Obama Administration.

In total, there has been a record breaking 2 million deportations since Obama’s presidency — averaging about 1,000 people a day. 49 more words

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The Art Made by Japanese Americans in Internment Camps

Bellevue Arts Museum Exhibits Objects Made from Scraps by People Enduring the Unendurable

by Jen Graves

images Courtesy of Delphine Hirasuna


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Things You Should and Should not do Under the System of White Supremacy

1.Do not trust whites EVER,given their history to this present day.You have every reason not to.

2.Do not watch reality televison,especially with black women on it.It is coonery and a modern day minstrel show.Funny at times but it is extremely damaging to your self-esteem in the long run. 571 more words

Black Women

Palestinians tweet tear gas advice to protesters in Ferguson

The use of tear gas by police in Ferguson has led to Palestinian Twitter users expressing their solidarity with US demonstrators

A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson, Missouri…A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson Photo: Reuters… 19 more words

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