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On Ferguson killing, and today's Cleveland shooting

Everyone knows about the ‘black’ youth shot dead by a Ferguson cop, who is conspicuously unrepentant of an innocent being killed. Today, a 12-year old ‘black’ kid, Tamir Rice, was shot dead by a 911 patrol car within two seconds of its arrival near the park where the young kid was flashing a toy gun. 567 more words

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'Steaming pile of crap': Salon says Ferguson decision proves America is 'white supremacist state'

Nope. This is for real:

Last night's ruling reaffirmed what we already knew: America is a white supremacist state http://t.co/Zd7TRbUAqE pic.twitter.com/8JujxIdV2E

— Salon.com (@Salon) November 25, 2014…

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9/11 As An American Issue

James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


That’s their stark choice in defiance, because those who deem to doubt the gospel beamed by the controlled media and through the State Department are by definition wrong and usually evil, it is implied or said, and must be brought violently or by bribes or by intimidation into line.

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Join the KKK!


White Supremacist Calls for Inclusive KKK to Invite Blacks and Gays

A white supremacist has made a call for a more “inclusive” KKK; one that would invite blacks and gays to join its ranks.

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Florida white supremacist gets 6 months in jail for planning to start a ‘race war’

By: Letitia Stein and Eric Walsh

Florida man accused of training members of a white supremacist group for a “race war” at a heavily fortified compound near Orlando and Walt Disney World was sentenced on Monday to six months in jail, according to court records. 216 more words