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Former KKK Leader May Run for Steve's Scalise's House Seat

The third-ranking House Republican may get a chance to differentiate himself from former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke once and for all.

Just as he started his tenure as House Majority Whip last month, Rep. 280 more words

No happily ever after

Margo agrees to one “meeting” with Charlie because her son nagged her into it.

Not to worry about husband number four, a backwoods country boy who scored a quick trip to the altar at Mall of America in a blatant rebound. 244 more words

Margo's Way

This Guy...Again: Are You Surprised?

Steve Scalise Tried To Kill a Bill Apologizing For Slavery.

Six years before he (Steve Scalise) spoke to a white supremacist group, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) voted as a state lawmaker against a resolution apologizing for slavery, according to a 1996 article from the Times-Picayune. 56 more words


Why mulattoes and other hybrids are not Afrikan by The Lumumba Afrika Report

(or if Jesus’ colour doesn’t matter, why was it necessary to depict him as white?)

It took me a year to finally accept this conclusion. I had an argument with a YouTuber concerning this issue in reference to a video he posted entitled “Just because you got black in you.” He proceeded to say that racially mixed people (i.e. 2,937 more words

The Ghost of David Duke

It was discovered recently, that Louisiana Republican Congressman Steve Scalise, attended and spoke to a white supremacist group (European-American Unity and Rights Organization… 727 more words

President Obama

House Republicans re-elect Congressional whip with ties to neo-Nazi group

By Andre Damon
January 2015
World Socialist Web Site

A cheer went up in the House of Representatives Tuesday as House Republicans reelected Steve Scalise as Majority Whip, a top Republican post in the chamber, despite the fact that he recently admitted to being a speaker at a white supremacist conference in 2002. 849 more words