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Rudy Giuliani shows White Supremacist Ideology discussing Black on Black Crime instead of the Lack of Diversity in Police Departments

Most people who complain about black on black crime are not in tune to the black news agencies that report on it but are outraged when black people criticize the police for their racial profiling and police brutality. 80 more words

Police Brutality

A Degenerative Progressive Society

“People say that the Netherlands is an open country but I think they are wrong. It is only open in terms of sex and drugs.” My friend, who happens to be Dutch, said these words and I couldn’t agree more. 571 more words

White Supremacist Homeschooling

HA note: The following is reprinted with permission from Jonny Scaramanga’s blog, Leaving Fundamentalism. It was originally published on August 26 2014, and has been modified for publication on HA. 775 more words


"Racism is over!" says white conservative Twitter.

I’ve been encountering a number of people on Twitter who believe in the idea of the post-racial age of Oprah and Obama. In general they believe that there is no current discrimination against black people, and that this is in part demonstrated by the success of individual black people. 1,127 more words

Racism And White Supremacy

No Polite Way to Say 'Heil Hitler!'


I don’t care what people say, rebranding is the only way to change your image. You can’t go hundreds of years hating everyone under the sun and then expect everyone to believe you’ve all of a sudden changed your mind. 142 more words

#OpKKK Fight For Freedom and Justice

Greetings Citizens, we are @AnonymousGlobo

“We fight for freedom, equality and justice. And due to that, we remind that free speech isn’t freedom of oppression. 157 more words

Failure To Listen

Justice for Mike Brown and ALL Victims of Police Terrorism!

For events across Turtle Island following the verdict, check out the Ferguson National Response Network.

“Diversity of tactics” and “be your own bodyguard” will be in FULL EFFECT. 95 more words

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