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8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

When I recently read this fantastic article from Jamelle Bouie entitled Why Do Millenials Not Understand Racism?, I couldn’t help but think it didn’t go far enough. 880 more words


A Letter for an Uncomfortable Migrant.

Dear Britain,

If there’s one thing moving from a village in Nigeria to one of the English home counties has taught me, its that being black, isn’t easy. 4,079 more words


Bölzer, the swastika and ill-advised reclamation

Like most things in life, I caught on late to Bölzer, the Swiss death/black metal duo whose music has been received rapturously by metal critics over the last year or so. 1,533 more words

Black Metal

Whiteness Negates Being

This post contains some images of  racist violence

Racism doesn’t well up and grow within,  it’s taught and cultured from without. It permeates, spreads, and feeds on itself. 731 more words


We Are Living in a Police State

We have been living in a police state for a long time now. The grip Law Enforcers have on this country (the so-called United States of America) has waxed and waned over the centuries, but Trust and Believe that this has for the most part… 1,745 more words


The Economist hilariously tries to conflate any immigration dissent as being a KKK member


SUNFLOWERS, marigolds and lavender grow outside houses in Cabbagetown, a neighbourhood a mile away from the birthplace of Martin Luther King. But residents there awoke in recent days to something uglier: recruiting fliers for the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) on their cars.

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Black Men Magazine Covers Don't Cover Contempt for Black Women

I’m supposed to criticize black women for crossing over? I cannot.

Let me first state that we are dealing with numbers here. It has gotten to be annoying but necessary to preface all comments that deal with social phenomena with an acknowledgement that what is discussed is of a general nature based upon statistical odds. 748 more words