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Crucifying Again the Son of God: James Cone on Lynching and White Christian Hypocrisy

I’ve been wanting to share a quote from the final chapter of James Cone’s The Cross and the lynching Tree, but there are so many gems that it has been difficult for me to choose just one. 751 more words


"Part Of A Very Big Problem": Jim Crow Persists; How Ferguson Case Leaks Revive A Shameful Tradition

On those rare occasions when it makes a real effort to grapple with the raw brutality of Jim Crow, the American mainstream media usually returns to a particular set of images that, by their very nature, are jarring and extraordinary: the burning cross, the hangman’s knot, the Klansman on horseback. 1,066 more words


How the Surveillance State Changes Our Everyday Lives

From Vice/ By Molly Crabapple

George Orwell’s 1984 opens with Winston Smith carving out a pocket of privacy by crouching in a corner of his apartment where the telescreen—and thus Big Brother—can’t see and writing a diary entry. 1,337 more words

*Emergency* Matt E (aka MC Bypolar the Toxic Cherub) and Friends Face The Fascists: The Saga Continues...

*Emergency* Matt E (aka MC Bypolar the Toxic Cherub) Faces The Fascists: The Saga Continues

Backstory before beginning of video:
In short, the two police officers in the video have been calling Matt E (aka MC Bypolar the Toxic Cherub) by name and harassing him in a very unprofessional manner (a standard to which they are supposed to be held to because of their job), making threats for awhile. 2,628 more words

dancing in the belly of the beast -- "Memoir of a Race Traitor" by Mab Segrest

I had begun to feel irregularly white. Klan folks had a word for it: race traitor. Driving in and out of counties with heavy Klan activity, I kept my eyes on the rear-view mirror, and any time a truck with a Confederate flag license plate passed me, the hair on the back of my neck would rise…I found myself hating white people, including myself.

1,625 more words

Charming Patrick Stewart Will Play A Charming Nazi Skinhead In The Latest From The ‘Blue Ruin’ Director

Patrick Stewart has to be one of my favorite three people I follow on the Internet. When he’s not speaking out against domestic violence, or tweeting totally retweetable pictures of himself on Twitter (above), he’s picking at least interesting roles in movies we should maybe go watch. 224 more words

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Spiritual Being and White Supremacy

As a spiritual being, an organizer and a black women. We are always being attacked because of our race. Race is a social construct and we all have a God given right to exist and demand for justice as not only a human being but as a spiritual being. 678 more words

Racial Justice