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Charming Patrick Stewart Will Play A Charming Nazi Skinhead In The Latest From The ‘Blue Ruin’ Director

Patrick Stewart has to be one of my favorite three people I follow on the Internet. When he’s not speaking out against domestic violence, or tweeting totally retweetable pictures of himself on Twitter (above), he’s picking at least interesting roles in movies we should maybe go watch. 224 more words

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Spiritual Being and White Supremacy

As a spiritual being, an organizer and a black women. We are always being attacked because of our race. Race is a social construct and we all have a God given right to exist and demand for justice as not only a human being but as a spiritual being. 678 more words

Racial Justice

Fear of a Black Flash Mob: What's Wrong with the Black Privilege Meme [everything]

Really, what’s right with the Black Privilege meme ? Nothing. And it’s probably true that there’s no point in arguing with folks who believe this stuff. 1,138 more words

Racism And White Supremacy

Nobel or Not|Celebrating Courage of Anti Drone Activist Nabila Rehman

Pakistan a country that is reported most often in western media and quite effectively in negative light – after all gory Pakistan sells. Now a days, international attention is going ga ga on “only one positive thing” that comes out of this insane land and that is Nobel Prize winner-Pakistani child-icon Malala Yousafzai whose getting  feted by westerners in their civilized media, for simply being the single most courageous and brave little girl to have thwarted the big bad enemy – Taliban. 967 more words

Emergencies And Conflict

The Enduring Popularity of Nazi Comparisons in American Politics

Americans just love Nazis. Have I got your attention? Great, now let me explain. What I mean is that American politicians — and some of the public at large — often invoke the specter of Adolf Hitler and Nazism as the go-to example of political evil. 1,913 more words

Pathologizing Black Folks is America's Religion, Or: A Few Thoughts on Roxane Gay's 'Bad Feminist'

I spend nearly everyday writing and reading about global and local configurations of white supremacy and anti-blackness, with a special emphasis on the U.S. and France. 5,390 more words

Academic Musings

What Does Ferguson Have to do With the South Side?

What Does Ferguson Have to do with the South Side

            Every UChicago student remembers The Chicago Life Meetings we had during O-Week. Between problematic Sex Talks and warnings about substance abuse, a very serious topic is vaguely alluded to: Race. 996 more words