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A Review of Theology from the Trenches

I am affirmed and saddened reading James Baldwin’s words or listening to Ice Cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and seeing how relevant they are to the contemporary American experience. 1,133 more words

Book Review

The Origins of Sexuality as a Capital-I "Issue"

Recently, I came across an anonymous message sent to an asexuality blog, inquiring after the reason why individuals’ sexualities are such a big deal, culturally, and where that came from as a social phenomenon, and the moderator didn’t know how to answer.  489 more words

Asexuality Talk

Leigh Anne Tuohy Update: One Of The Teens Responds

One of the two teens involved in Leigh Anne Tuohy’s recent social media stunt has spoken out on Instagram (his name has been blurred out for privacy): 852 more words

More Mirrors, Fewer Letters From LGBTQ Mainstream

By Dr. Herukhuti

Attempting to empathize with people who have done evil is scary. To place oneself into the position of someone we think has done a major injustice is a troubling experience that most people consider unthinkable. 1,072 more words


Race Textures

Vancouver is a very interesting place to be Asian.

There are so many pockets of the city where speaking Cantonese or Mandarin is the norm; there are Chinese supermarkets on every corner, the quality of dim sum is renown – compared to many other places in the Western world.  496 more words