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Veganarchist pioneer wrote on Ferguson in lead-up to acquittal

By Brian Dominick
Via: Radical Reboot

In the very likely case that officer Darren Wilson gets away with murdering unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, one can guess how most white liberals will come down: sympathetic to Black America’s outrage, but eager to seek change exclusively through sanctioned channels. 788 more words

Discussing white supremacy at the dinner table

I will keep this intro brief. My intention for this post is to share resources for white and non-black folks who are interested in having conversations about dismantling white supremacy and anti-black racism. 1,870 more words


Violence in America

It’s been a tough week. The racially biased result in the grand jury process in Missouri. The 12-year-old with a bb gun shot to death in Cleveland by a rookie cop… 529 more words

Most White People in America Are Completely Oblivious Black people have to learn everything about white people just to stay alive. White people just don't get that.

I suppose there is no longer much point in debating the facts surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown. First, because Officer Darren Wilson has been cleared by a grand jury, and even the collective brilliance of a thousand bloggers pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in his version of events that August day won’t result in a different outcome. 3,056 more words

The Thin Blue Line Is a Burning Fuse

From Crimethinc.

Why Every Struggle Is Now a Struggle against the Police

It should have come as no surprise yesterday when the grand jury in St. 1,505 more words

In Defense of Looting

From The New Inquiry

For most of America’s history, one of the most righteous anti-white supremacist tactics available was looting.

As protests in Ferguson continued unabated one week after the police killing of Michael Brown, Jr., zones of Twitter and the left media predominantly sympathetic to the protesters began angrily criticizing looters. 2,949 more words

'Steaming pile of crap': Salon says Ferguson decision proves America is 'white supremacist state'

Nope. This is for real:

Last night's ruling reaffirmed what we already knew: America is a white supremacist state http://t.co/Zd7TRbUAqE pic.twitter.com/8JujxIdV2E

— Salon.com (@Salon) November 25, 2014…

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