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Sophie's wicker bassinet, her cashmere jumper

Sophie tired of the miracles and checked on her bundle in the white wicker bassinet; she lifted it out and brought it to her chest.  The boy stared fixedly at Sophie until she looked down and noticed a little clump of fine dark hair sticking to her cream cashmere jumper.

(Julia Leigh, Disquiet)

The Present

Koi Halfmoon Plakat

Ever since discovering “koi bettas,” I’ve been obsessed with them!

Photo Credit: Innovation (seller on aquabid)


Koi Halfmoon Betta

I will totally have to get a koi betta someday!!!

Photo Credit: Storybettas (seller on aquabid)


Red & White Female

Halfmoon Plakat

Photo Credit: Phusit (seller on aquabid)


Love her!

Halfmoon Plakat Female

Photo Credit: Pajaisong_betta1975 (seller on aquabid)


The Coziness Of A Family Members Property Captured In Black And White

When you feel “family home”, black and white are definitely not the very first colors that come to thoughts. It’s why using these to produce a cozy and friendly ambiance is a challenge and the final results are even more intriguing this way. 14 more words


"The day was filled with freedom..

…And then the darkness fell and we all had to breath through thin air.”