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Raw Materials: Evaluating Online Whiteboards

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The jump from8th grade to 9th is a big one!

For some students it may mean changing schools.  Even if this is not the case for your child, the jump from 8th to 9th means that teachers raise the bar on the quality of work that they expect to receive.   267 more words


Different Types of Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic whiteboards can be found in a lot of classrooms, offices and homes. Allowing for the quick posting of notes, bills and memos through the use of magnets, there are a variety of… 285 more words


SMART Closing Premium Section of SMART Exchange

November 14, 2014

SMART has announced to its publishers that it intends to cease operations of the premium section of their highly popular SMART Exchange on 12/31/14.   515 more words

White Boards

Whiteboards, engagement and student led learning.

Okay so I like a whiteboard, in fact I think they are my favourite tool in the classroom.

Why? Surely they are just a pain? The good ones are heavy, often the pens don’t work and you always get the wally who will amuse himself by writing, ‘I’m with stupid.’ 919 more words


#modphys: Students or Friction?

We spent this week on the a=F/m paradigm lab. Once the students got their data whiteboarded, I began to see some problems — serious problems. The close relationships I had seen during my practice runs were nowhere to be seen: instead, the students had graphs dominated by systematic errors and an assortment of unorthodox, confusing ways to represent their data. 102 more words

Covalent Bonding

Before class preparation

In class activity

  • Lesson: Covalent Compounds
  • Whiteboards: Drawing covalent Bohr Rutherford diagrams…
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Who Said Whiteboards Have to Be White?


If you’re looking to design a new office space or spruce up an existing one, the most important thing to keep in mind is functionality. 187 more words