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Teacher Observation: Questioning

O1-Offer an organized and challenging curriculum aligned to standards and outcomes. [1]. Through my observation, it became apparent that an organized and challenging curriculum means providing students with raw information that they must  transform into their own learning tools [1]. 436 more words


Day 20: Sock monkey tumble buggy whiteboards

In Physics:
Although I only told students they needed to start the buggies once on the positive side of the zero line and once on the negative side, every group ended up using nearly the same starting positions.


Designing a Question

Before class preparation

  • Make sure you finished the PEOE sheet from the Lava Lamp experiment
  • Bring a Laptop if you have one (only one per group)
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#modphys 22/180: Constant Acceleration

After two weeks of picking up skills — proportional reasoning, LoggerPro — we spent today’s class in board meeting (with a couple recesses to work up things) assembling the Constant Acceleration Particle Model. 232 more words

Day 15: Ranking problems in Energy (& board ephemera)

Today we reviewed energy storage & transport by going through a few ranking tasks.

When students got stuck ranking the storage of kinetic energy, I reminded them that Energy Pie Charts might be a good tool to help them analyze the situation. 35 more words

Integrated Science

Using Technology to Make Study Groups Mobile

Yesterday, we explored some of the benefits of study groups in law school, as well as some techniques to make your study group more effective. One of the challenges that study groups face is the difficulty of getting everyone in one place at the same time. 375 more words