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Little Problems with Big Solutions

My 7th graders did something today that I just have to blog about. It’s the first time we used the large white boards AND presented in groups, and it was GREAT! 443 more words


Word Study for All Ages

While silent reading one day my brain stumbled upon a spelling review game that I just had to try. I started by writing of the backs of post it notes; all sorts of things like 10 push-ups, add 2 points to my scores, zero out both scores, etc. 352 more words


Finals PSA: Library Whiteboards

I’ll admit, as a math major facing a week stuffed with four exams right now, I’m already prone to a bit of stress.Which is why I’m going to get right down to the point… 141 more words


Custom Boards Made Easy with the New Art Line from VividBoard®

With three frame choices, six color choices and custom frame and color options available, the new Art Line from VividBoard® offers endless combinations, allowing you to choose the perfect board for any environment. 53 more words


Benefits of Glass Marker Boards

Take a look at the marker board options that we have on NBF.com and you may feel overwhelmed. What’s the difference? They’re all white, rectangular boards, right? 382 more words

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Collaborate Mobile App

If you are looking for a way for students to interact outside of face-to-face teaching sessions, Blackboard Collaborate offers online spaces for webinars (online seminars), screen-sharing, video/voice/text chat, collaborative whiteboards and collaborative web browsing. 256 more words


The mini whiteboard: a fantastic resource for learning!

One of our favourite classroom resources to use are mini magnetic whiteboards and markers. They have so many uses!
We use them for dictation of sounds, words and sentences. 116 more words

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