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Study Teams Develop Research Topics

In their teams, students Thought for two minutes, Wrote their possible research topics/questions on individual whiteboard, Shared in teams.  They added ideas to our Amazing Research Topic Chart. 19 more words

Classroom Management

The Benefits of Using Magnetic Whiteboards when Teaching Children

In order for children to easily comprehend their lessons, it is imperative that presentations should be clear and engaging. Magnetic whiteboards can make your students effectively understand your stories or discussion, retaining their attention and keeping their interest. 313 more words


Modern Space? A Simple Whiteboard to Fit Your Modern World

Simple and elegant, the innovative Simplicity whiteboard was designed to co-exist in the world of future systems and communications tools. Simplicity features clean lines, giving the board… 105 more words


The Effective Use of Whiteboards for Your Home and Office

Traditionally, whiteboards are familiarly seen inside modern classrooms and boardrooms for presentations. But if you don’t know it yet, whiteboards can also be used for several purposes inside your home and office. 406 more words


Solving Equations - Add It Up

I wanted a quick and fun way to assess students’ abilities to solve equations during the first week of school, so I made this “Solving Equations – Add It Up” powerpoint. 192 more words


What are we testing for?

There are many types of assessment that take place within our schools. Formative, Summative, AfL etc are all buzzwords that relate to some kind of assessment that occurs on a daily basis,  each with a different perceived purpose. 846 more words


Why Fish?

A board from this week’s LaunchPad classroom….still chasing the answer

The Space

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