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girly reads

For those of you in school, I know how hard it is to pick up a book to read in your ‘down time’ in between the 6000 pages of mandatory reading you have to do this semester & projects & essays. 789 more words

It's So Annoying Being Annoying

How many times a day do you look at someone or something and think, “Holy shit. That is so annoying.”

If you’re anything like me, the answer is roughly 117 times daily. 478 more words


You Can't Have it All

Today is Wednesday, which means that if you’re a 20-something-year-old girl, an active follower of pop culture, or simply a sicko, you’ll be watching American Horror Story… 608 more words


Manic Mondays: FOMO is For Real

First, I’d like to apologize for my lack of blogging the past couple of days. I typically always blog on Fridays, but I was traveling home from college this past Friday afternoon and have been attending a whirlwind of sporting activities since (hockey games, football games, you name it. 435 more words


Wait- Money Doesn't Grow on Trees?

Being an adult comes with adult responsibilities. And they suck.

The biggest hassle of them all is $$$. Money slips through my fingers like water. It’s literally impossible not to spend money as a college girl, even when you go to school in the middle of nowhere. 543 more words


It's My Birthday And I'll Blog If I Want To

In typical Laura Meyers fashion, I was brought home in a cop car last night.

No, not like that. I simply asked for a ride home from the bar and he gave me one. 447 more words


Ode to the Antihero

Their┬álife is a virtual train wreck. Everyday is another bad decion another complete over share, and a what the fling fuck picture you can’t wrap your mind around. 128 more words

Bad Decisions