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04-18(but i guess its really suppossed to be the 19th)

Ello there *derp face*
hehe I bet nobody even reads this, but I don’t care (I kinda lied) but itd be cool if people did read them. 266 more words


Movie Mix-Ups (There’s a surprise inside)

To wrap up my week of movie posts, I’m going to share some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ordered from Netflix, accidentally on purpose. Yes, that phrase takes on an actual meaning when applied to my method of selecting movies. 1,037 more words


The hotsprings

I had some leftover ink from working on the apostle John portrait, so I splattered it on an 8″ x 12″ piece of paper.  To keep it flat, I placed it between two large boards (I indulged the child in me and stomped on it a little).   67 more words


Contract - Crowdsourcing!

Shotguns were very loud, especially when they went off right next to one’s ear. Please stop. My ears will be ringing for the next couple hours. 4,468 more words

Stone Burners

Alex O' - pretty as a picture # 17

Alex at the Whiteout premiere

- 9 September 2009 -

I play an Aussie pilot in the movie. I’m okay in it. I don’t really love anything that I’ve ever done, and this is no exception to that.

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Alex O´Loughlin

Dial H for Whiteout, Death Notes, and Fashion Beasts (aka comic tings)

I am not good at a lot of lady things and growing my nails is one of them For the first time in a while, I have a wee bit of growth on all of my nails (they will probably all break tomorrow) therefore typing this is very weird to me. 956 more words

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