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PUMA evoPOWER 1 Leather Metallic White/White/Green

หากเพื่อนๆคิดว่าเหล่าบรรดารองเท้าหลากสีสันที่ PUMA ได้ทยอยเปิดตัวอย่างต่อเนื่องมาตลอดนั้นได้สิ้นสุดลงแล้ว .. เพื่อนๆคิดผิดครับ .. PUMA ยังคงเดินเกมรุกเต็มสูบ มาคราวนี้เอาใจสาวกคนรักหนังแท้กันบ้าง กับ PUMA evoPOWER 1 เวอร์ชันหนังแท้ ในสี Metallic White/White/Green .. อ่านต่อได้ที่ http://wp.me/P4hmx2-vg


All About Prints!

Finally I have my hands on this amazing top ! I have been after it for a long time and when it went into the sale, I bought it straight away.. 123 more words


The Melting Monster

A friend donated an old set of watercolors to me recently.  I wanted to use some purple on one of the apostle portraits, but the paint at the opening of the tiny tube was so hardened that I could get nothing to come out.   97 more words


Adorable childhood photos, that were at one time embarrassing, and now a staple item in the photo collections we proudly show. When I say I was possibly the craziest dressed child (thanks mom, or did I pick this?), the clown suit is PROOF that I am not lying in the slightest. 240 more words

Kathryn Klingemann

'Sarcastic' Alex - Whiteout Premiere, September 2009

Alex O’Loughlin – ‘Russell Haden’ in Whiteout

with Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies

at the Los Angeles premiere of Warner Bros Pictures’ Whiteout.


Question: So your character is described as kind of rowdy, kind of a smartass.

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Alex O´Loughlin

Throwback Thursday!

Alex as “Russell Haden” in 2009 (Whiteout)


Excerpt from my book, "Wife On the Road"

This is the introduction to my book –

 Wife On the Road – 200 Days, Riding Along in an 18-Wheeler

Hurtling down a foggy highway at 60 miles an hour in an 18-wheeler, I struggle to keep my eyes open. 1,441 more words