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Home for the holidays

Our house amid the oaks is a wonderful place to be always, but especially during the holidays. The candle holders made from my little Iowa 8-point will add a special glow this year. 82 more words

Neil Beltran

It's That Time Of Year!

Each year, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, something magical happens around here. Rifle season opens. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m an “avid” hunter, but I really do enjoy it – and kinda know what I’m doing. 357 more words


A snippet from my NaNoWriMo Book!

“Ha! Got you Sandgem!” Frostia squealed happily, tumbling over her brother. Sandgem and Frostia had been wrestling on the grassy hill for a while with Cathren and Whitetail joining in from time to time. 125 more words


Deer season primer: Four Central Pennsylvania public hunting hotspots

Less than two weeks and counting until one of our region’s biggest annual outdoor rites of passage: rifle deer season.
Are you ready? Have you sighted in the trusty 30-06? 462 more words

How well do you know whitetail? How many scent glands does a whitetail deer have?

The whitetail has four major glands  the preorbital, forehead, tarsal, and metatarsal glands.  The preorbital gland is used to mark areas for dominance and marking of their territory.  155 more words


Where did the Russian/Eurasian boar come from? history of the Russian boar.

The first wild boars (sus scrofa) in the US came from the early European settlers that brought their domestic stock with them. Several years later, in the 1900’s,  purebreds were introduced for hunting purposes.  96 more words


The Candelabra of Justice

Today I woke up in my own bed in Northern California, the first time in 12 days that a 5am alarm didn’t go off with 20 acres of Iowa clover fields and woods right outside. 1,560 more words

Neil Beltran