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A Yearling Whitetail

January 28, 2015

A yearling whitetail bounds across a field of short grass past a deer stand on our farm in Franklin County. As I watched the graceful doe pick up speed, I wondered why she was compelled to spring so high with every other step. 113 more words

Nature Frames

Hunting again, and again, and again.

Last November I was lucky enough to be invited to go hunting with one of the people on my program. I was really excited as I haven’t had a chance to hunt deer since I got to the US, and my rifle looks sooo pretty now! 721 more words


Wild Encounter {Daily Reflections}

It was a bit contrived. They wait alongside a driveway for the humans they know will give them food. Nonetheless, it’s always¬†magical to come so close to nature. 162 more words

This & That

2014: The year of trial and error.

The year of 2013 was a big leaning experience for me. I learned more about deer hunting in that one year than I have in all my years previous. 1,227 more words

Whitetail Dragonfly

Libellula lydia, the Common Whitetail dragonfly. These dragonflies have a very bold and attention-getting appearance because of their large size, dark wing spots, and the large white abdomens of the males. 67 more words

Last Whitetail for 2014

Forister Exotics Whitetail Hunts

We had Dave down for the first weekend of 2015 last weekend of Whitetail Buck season here on Forister Exotics. We had a game plan to look for a… 639 more words


Winter Riding Part 2

Here are the pictures from our first ride in the snow during the day.

If it looks like I’m not going to fast that’s because I’m not. 146 more words

Mountain Biking