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What to do when you're past your prime

Everybody’s got a prime, that peak period when you’re at your best, you do your best, everything just turns up roses all the time, and hey, isn’t that great? 371 more words

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Flash Fiction: Summary Style

Once upon a time there was a writer who had an idea for a story, but it was too similar to other stories he had already written, and he tied to avoid repeating himself. 129 more words

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Forum at your own risk, apparently

My previous post here was double intended to be a reply to a thread on the Amazon KDP author forum about how “free e-books are ruining the e-book market” but I was unable to post it there due to technical difficulties on the forum. 231 more words

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Once again on free ebooks ruining the market

This came up in an Amazon author thread, and I felt like adding my two cents one more time (at this point, it’s added up to a dollar or more I’m sure!) 608 more words

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It's a Continuum

“It’s a continuum” – it’s a family tradition (joke?) to try and see everything in that light – politics, emotions, sexuality, gender identity, intelligence, talent- whatever the topic, we can always sum it up with that saying. 458 more words

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EtherBooks Promo Bits

So it’s “promo” time for EtherBooks #FlashFiction week. You’re supposed to do a promo image for each story for the Books Go Social part of the “competition”, but I might do only these. 12 more words

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The Last Laugh: a flash fiction

The Last Laugh (Etherbooks Flash Fiction competition day two: topic: REVENGE)

Sometimes he who laughs last has laughed his last laugh

by Tom Lichtenberg… 276 more words

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