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In his Man Booker prize acceptance speech, novelist Richard Flanagan says “As a species it is story that distinguishes us”. Really? I understand how everyone likes to feel important and that what they do “matters” and all of that, but it’s this “what distinguishes us” “as a species” that gets to me. 267 more words

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Recommended: The Choices, by Michael Graeme

The myth of the eternal return is one of those bottomless founts for speculative fiction. What if you could do it all over again? What would you do this time? 334 more words

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Of Future Past

I’ll call this entry “Of Future Past” and not only because I just finished watching the X-Men movie of nearly the same title, but also because of something I read this evening, and the source of it. 778 more words

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Extant, et cetera

I finished watching the science fiction TV series Extant this morning. I could only watch it through Amazon Prime which meant a 4 day delay between airings and availability – each week in the meantime I had to avoid looking at the online reviews for spoilers, and especially for the comments, which were in some ways the best thing about this series. 786 more words

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Does Werner Herzog subscribe to the belief that his films are art?

So you certainly don’t subscribe to the belief that your films are in any way ‘art films’?

Absolutely not, they are no such thing. I dislike intensely even the concept of artists in this day and age.

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Confessions of an Ex Dog Owner

Last week we had to put our last dog down. She was fourteen and her condition was deteriorating rapidly. She could have gone on a few weeks or months more, sniffing and pooping and wanting to be scratched, but on the whole she was no longer happy.   494 more words

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