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EtherBooks Promo Bits

So it’s “promo” time for EtherBooks #FlashFiction week. You’re supposed to do a promo image for each story for the Books Go Social part of the “competition”, but I might do only these. 12 more words

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The Last Laugh: a flash fiction

The Last Laugh (Etherbooks Flash Fiction competition day two: topic: REVENGE)

Sometimes he who laughs last has laughed his last laugh

by Tom Lichtenberg… 276 more words

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Consolation: A flash fiction

Consolation  (Etherbooks Flash Fiction competition day one: topic: BEGINNINGS)

by Tom Lichtenberg

No one should ever have to do anything for the first time, Corina said to herself as she stood up there in the cold, and they always tell you the same thing, give you the same advice. 489 more words

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Ether Books: Flash Fiction Competition is on again

The Ether Books Flash Fiction competition is on again. 7 stories in 7 days, with the topic announced each day at Midnight (London Time). Today is day two. 63 more words

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Cowboys and Apes

If I’m remembering my Planet of the Apes lore correctly, the original movies had Ape society modeled on a sort of European Medieval Feudalism, with a fairly strict class structure, including Jesuits and Knights along with scientists and foot soldiers. 679 more words

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What writing means to me

I finally figured it out, after all these years, and it’s simple. When I’m writing I get to be the person I most enjoy being. That’s it.

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