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Does Werner Herzog subscribe to the belief that his films are art?

So you certainly don’t subscribe to the belief that your films are in any way ‘art films’?

Absolutely not, they are no such thing. I dislike intensely even the concept of artists in this day and age.

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Confessions of an Ex Dog Owner

Last week we had to put our last dog down. She was fourteen and her condition was deteriorating rapidly. She could have gone on a few weeks or months more, sniffing and pooping and wanting to be scratched, but on the whole she was no longer happy.   494 more words

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Book Review - Captains of Consciousness

Captains of Consciousness, originally published in the mid-70’s but just as relevant today, is an interesting book on the role of advertising in the development of the new world. 263 more words

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Re-inventing the Wheel

Nobody ever wants to “re-invent the wheel” but everybody is always re-inventing the wheel. Obviously, the wheel frequently requires re-inventing. It’s unavoidable. Every new crop that comes around thinks it’s the first crop ever. 477 more words

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Sometimes the Chicken Comes First

Sometimes a story has to be written, and not for any good reason. This month’s bad reason is that I’ve decided to combine the Abnormalities stories in one volume with a new title – The Outlier – but in order to do this, I feel I need a 5th story in the series. 50 more words

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a thousand ratings are worth one word

and that word is “#roundnumbersarecooliguess”

It’s nice to see 1000 ratings on Goodreads of my various books. I don’t really know why. The average rating, after all, is not so great, and at this point all it can do is fluctuate a few hundredths of a point here and there. 197 more words

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Deadline, the book

The Lithuanian artist Orile Aleknaviciute not only illustrated my story for an art project, but she also made a beautiful book out of it and sent me a copy. 37 more words

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