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waiting for the day....

Here I sit, three weeks after a double mastectomy…..I still hurt…..a lot….
I am so fucking tired of pain … its been a constant companion for nine months….and I want to be rid of it…..I want to know me again…who I am, what I feel, what I love, what I care for, without pain clouding my judgement…..I want to get back to being me….I want to wake of a morning and feel good enough to rollover and have a happy shag with the most beautiful person in the world, that just happens to lie next to me……I want to be me again…..please God, let me be me….Have I not done enough angst???? 121 more words

Pain, Pain - Go away.....

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. The pain has been outstanding as thousands of nerve endings that have been severed attempt to heal. 135 more words

Controversy Sweeps the Nation!

When I first heard about the situation, I sat in abject horror, staring at Twitter, wondering why I hadn’t heard it before I logged on. Wasn’t this news? 902 more words


Scientology: Rich White People Problems

When has a black brother said to you
Hey Man! I’m gonna go down to
the Scientology Center and
get my Thetan worked on.

I don’t know any of my black… 117 more words


Convert Me

I’m all about conversion.

Miles to Kilometers
Yards to Feet
Jesus to Mohammed


Earth is made
of 98% water and
the majority of
our body is water. 88 more words


Why I do what I do.....

I have been wanting to write this up for over a week….but my life has been a bit nutty….

But this is something I have to do. 924 more words