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You Matter

A couple of years ago, I was at the Re:Write Conference and got to met several writers like myself. One of the keynote speakers was… 511 more words

Futility and the pointlessness of everything

Im on paxil. Have been for a month now and to its credit i have stopped weeping and eyeballing on coming traffic with desperate longing. So there’s that. 449 more words

"Who Cares - An emotional and intense production" at Hedon Library

PLAYWRIGHT John Godber’s most recent production, a *collaboration between him, the University of Hull and Wordquake, plays its last venue at Hedon Library this week after touring another five venues across the East Riding. 211 more words



Computerized test
Five options of plotted graphs
I don’t care, I guess

Proactive Procrastination

Yesterday, at around nine I realized that I didn’t do my homework and that there was a lot of things due on Friday that I should have done, and should be doing, but I didn’t do a damn thing. 283 more words

Greg B.


LISTENNNN!!! This kumbaya (however you spell it) shit is not working for you cut it out chick. I swear my damn brain hurts and my mind is not the fucking place to be right now, it’s fucking terrible! 89 more words

Help Wanted: Coat Stocker/Box Climber

I have accepted all kinds of job offers. This morning I was thinking about a particular job I had: It was a temp job setting up stock in a brand new Burlington Coat Factory location in a mall. 210 more words