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"The days are growing darker."

This quote from Frodo Baggins heavily applies to this time of year as the fall approaches and the days’ lengths shorten. Such is only true this time of year–I can’t use it otherwise, unfortunately. 269 more words

Swish! Swash! Swoosh!

Sitting in your chair, blissfully
going through your feed – minding other’s business.
Photographs, videos, pleas & appeals, your

screen is full of them. Swoosh! After all, who cares. 139 more words

The Silver Lining

An Old Custom is Now a Comeback.

I’ve recently (re)begun writing a diary once again. I used to write about trivial, everyday occurrences in my typical life-story as a child, but now that I am older, I’m finding the entire process to be nostalgic in a way. 290 more words

Microwaves and birthdays

Without doubt, one of the largest differences between the USA and Israel is the microwave ovens. Whereas almost all microwaves I encountered in Israel had either analog rotary timers or preset “30 sec or 1 min” buttons, here in the states there is an overwhelming prevalence (100% of an astounding three cases) of numpad microwaves. 503 more words


Netflix Picks - September

“But what about July and August”     shhhhhh. Yes I’ve slacked, but now it’s back up. I have no excuses other than laziness and also because I have now moved to Austin, TX where I am attending The University of Texas at Austin. 550 more words


"It Felt like Coming Home."

“There’s no benchmark for how life’s ‘supposed’ to happen. There is no ideal world for you to wait around for. The world is always just what it is now, it’s up to you how you respond to it.”   … 883 more words