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Health IV

For some odd reason, I have noticed that people who try to lead a healthy life, are looked down upon. Not necessarily treated as second class citizens, but generalized into a group that isn’t true. 374 more words


Latest obsession in #yeg fashion? WORKHALL. This local, Edmonton based design studio, is the master of simplicity and minimalist fashion. I saw this jacket on someone and needed to have it! 38 more words


Sketch Dump: Leaping Hipster Girl!

A little art exercise. Artcercise? 3 minutes to draw…5 minutes to color. No time to think just GO!

And this was the result:


Merry Christmas VS Happy Holidays

*steps up on soapbox*

Okay, I’m so unbelievably tired of people arguing over whether to say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’. According to some people, saying ‘Happy Holidays’ is removing the Christ from Christmas… I was raised to believe that saying ‘Happy Holidays’ was a short way of wishing someone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all in one. 293 more words


i need help, just for tonight.

Anyway i had been lonely in life, and you have no idea how i feel right now.

The worst part about us is that we’re mute, we’re helpless, we need to depend and its because of you all. 181 more words


how to declare 10000 x 100000 sized integer matrix in C++

I need to create a matrix which size is 10000×100000. My RAM is 4GB. It works till the 25th iteration (debug), but after 25th iteration I get an error “bad allocation” however only 25% of RAM is used which means the problem is not related with memory. 36 more words

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