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Meaning: ça n’a pas d’importance (No matter…

Pronounce: /kemp ortuh/


(source: Forvo)

Synonym: peu importe /puh emp ortuh/  

When to use: 74 more words

Are You An Intermediate?

Young Hearts.

I am all about the upbeat, sunny and excessively overjoyed tunes today. It may be because I am truly happy, or it may be because I am in denial of the quarter-life crisis I am having.


The day all my friends left me

And here is an extremely late post by yours truly. As you can see from the pictures, I’m a whole month late so you can’t blame me if I have no idea what to write for this post anymore because I can barely remember what I did yesterday. 949 more words


Again! Why is This News?

Somebody please tell me how what Benedict Cumberbatch eats is news? Really, nothing else out there newsworthy? Seriously people. http://greatideas.people.com/2014/07/15/benedict-cumberbatch-lobster-boston-black-mass/ And it’s not just sweet Benedict but Johnny Depp as well! 157 more words

Who Cares - capradio.org

I’d like to share this link to Who Cares, a Capital Public Radio web page and radio series covering family caregiving in California. Informative, interesting, and proof that you are not alone. 32 more words

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