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Its Just a Wedding

In the article written by Jessica Valenti  “My big feminist wedding” she talks about how she is getting married in a non-traditional celebration. She portrays herself, and her husband as  feminists and how they aren’t going to have a traditional marriage, and some of the comments that people are making towards her. 584 more words


Why Care about Fashion?

Last weekend I had the incredible privilege to attend my first TEDx event focusing on the topic “Who Cares?” For those of you who don’t know about TED talks, they revolve around the theme of Technology, Entertainment, and Design to essentially share “ideas worth spreading” to improve, inspire, and change our communities. 907 more words


OP-ED: "Apathy? Who Cares?"

November 17th 2014


Apathy? Who Cares?

INTRO (D. King) You are now listening to Tha Truth

What’s the point of gettin out the ‘hood with sports or rap – going back seeing your friends in jail, dead, or on crack – it’s that constructive criticism I unleash – though they say only god can judge me not no person on the street – saying don’t judge others that you meet when you speak – I speak with love – don’t judge – I critique corrupt governments and police – up to us find peace – up to us rise above – find ideas to try and seek – like homeless people – they don’t really need the food we give ‘em – what the homeless really need is some freaking homes to live in – Carlin had some vision – a plan you can understand the mission to take wastes of land where golf courses is sitting and use it for the homeless so they can have homes arisen – it’s too much apathy – that means people only care if them and their family’s living happily – it’s sad to see – we actually don’t know that we’re one human family it’s profound – we’re all African ’cause Africa’s where the first man was found we have the same background – rewind that back again – all racists are African no matter the color or their faces we’re all one race that’s African – Boyz N the Hood was a movie in the beginning that said like I would – like you could… 564 more words



How interesting would it be if everyone walked around with blinders on?

Bet there’d be a lot less self-conscious decisions made.
Dance like there’s no one watching.


I want everything to be arbitrary because I’m tired of searching for the meaning where it doesn’t exist. Or needing an excuse because they are so often confused for explanations. 63 more words

An Actually Helpful Pep Talk

I admit that I am generally nonplussed by pep talks. Ever since high school pep rallies, since football games doomed to be lost to teams with more money to spend, the cheerleaders have rolled out (sometimes literally) from all quarters, hoping to inspire us about something. 254 more words

Jack Frey

So What, Who Cares?

My chin rests on a block of air; my shoulders are in my ears. So I’m swaying to the beat of resonating eardrums, singing, so what, so what… 168 more words

Lately In Life