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We're Broken.

So my greatest fears were confirmed….he just told me we should take a break because our relationship is “uncertain” and we need to “be sure where it’s going.”  173 more words

Relationship Rants

Earth Life Rules for an Enjoyable Journey - Part 1

It is said that everyone needs a set of rules to live by. As an outsider, having traveled the globe and spent time living and working in 26 countries, Joe Extraordinary started compiling a list of rules to be followed by potential visitors to this planet. 717 more words

Joe Dreyer

It's nobody's life except YOURS.

Have you ever heard someone telling you that you can’t do what you wanna do or what you want to be? That feeling of discouragement from other people, and then it’s like you always hear the same thing from other groups of people? 548 more words


What is up right now

Hello everyone this is your friendly messed up blogger here & I just wanted to thank you for being so great, & for putting up with all the not posting & not being on that much. 137 more words

Who Cares

Mila Doll - Instagram Eye Candy

Rumor has it that her butt is fake and a result of injections or implants or whatever

I personally do not give a flying bird, as it looks delicious anyways… 39 more words

My Feels When [short intermedia exercise]

I see my facebook newsfeed fill up with birthday messages for other people who added theirs to their profile, but I didn’t add mine.

To experience this post I will require the following:

151 more words
If My Life Was A Therapy Session

Pointless Update #1

Ackkkk I need to start writing again but yenno life transitions & etc. Recently moved into a new place, here’s a picture to reassure you…of something. k ttyl

Camera H0r