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I know it’s at its worse when tears are streaming down my face, yet I make no sound. I stare at the ceiling and pray to God I drown in my own tears tonight.


Sandy Hook Commission Recommendation: Confiscate all Guns that Fire more than 10 Rounds – Who Cares about Constitutionality?

Source: Freedom Outpost, by Tim Brown

Just a little over a week ago the Sandy Hook Commission presented its recommendations to Communist Governor Daniel Malloy (D-CT). 285 more words

2nd Amendment

Blogging, writing and who cares?

I’m new to blogging, not writing, but just sharing my thoughts with others.  I’ve always been the type of person who had the urge or the  233 more words

All Beauty

I don't care what you think!!

Hey guys! Hope you guys are all well. So recently I have been thinking about my school days, which was not that long ago. I tend to think about the past when I  am bored or a neutral stimuli reminds me of something. 240 more words

Divine Passive

This following is a true story. The names have been eliminated for the protection of the innocent…except for mine…
…also, please ignore this if you hate grammar. 581 more words


Do what makes you happy

As long as what makes you happy doesn’t make others miserable.

In my lifelong pursuit of happiness, which, by the way, is a right given to us by the government, I sometimes get sidetracked, as I seem to think that I have to pick up and fix every single thing that isn’t exactly perfectly happy. 587 more words


Finally... My Blog Journey Begins

The day has come.. I have finally decided to start blogging!

I’ve sat back for a while and read hundreds of blogs from different people at work, school and general internet browsing and I’ve always fancied starting a blog but never 306 more words