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Tracing Your Roots

In the UK and the USA there is a TV programme called Who Do You Think You Are. It invites well known people to share the findings of the research into their family history with the TV viewing millions. 315 more words


Who do you think you are?

We, as a culture, do not handle confrontation well.  Many of us tend to avoid confrontation, just let the issue roll off our backs or fade away, while others of us can be abrasive and  take a sick pleasure in pointing out one another’s short-fallings.   887 more words

New Testament

I don’t know much about actor Alan Cumming, but recently I decided to read his memoir Not My Father’s Son.

The catalyst for it is Cumming’s planned appearance in 2010 on the popular BBC celebrity genealogy show… 444 more words

Book Reviews

Lyrics for 'That Day Will Come' by Capleton

Equal rights and justice for all
Rise and never fall
Tell dem sey… Boom!
What dey gonna do, when nuff a dem nuh true… 562 more words


In Praise of Railroad Towns

This post originally appeared on my other blog, Adventures of the Crazy Train. 


–Gordy, in Stand By Me, 1996

Many of the Crazy Train’s excursions lead us through tiny dots on the map, born of the railroads during westward expansion. 768 more words


This is My Tree, and it's a Beautiful Tree

There’s a song from the opening credits of a now-cancelled TV show called “Life Unexpected” that haunts me, and as a long-time genealogy nut and research nerd, I always sing it in my head when I am trawling the Internet or leafing through musty old books, looking for long-lost family members. 531 more words


Works of wonder

This morning’s dawn was one of the most extraordinarily beautiful we have ever experienced. In terms of thermometers, it was the coldest morning so far this season, but because it had been so dry the last couple of days, the frost lay sugary and free, crisping the sand beneath  my paws in a way which was new for me. 287 more words