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Us & Them - A Class apart

A divide as old as Time –  haves Vs have-nots,  Plebeians Vs Patricians,  Proletariat Vs Bourgeoisie, Working Class Vs Middle Class Vs Aristocracy.  Toffs, Sloanies, Chavs….the labels are endless. 1,627 more words

Day 21

I caught up, Nano-wise, writing about 700 words this morning, and the rest this evening, reaching 35,100 words.  Just 15,000 words left.  I wonder if I can make it. 238 more words


Genealogy Football: 30 Minute Challenge

I confess that this post qualifies as a delay of game, but as the Dallas Cowboys prepared last week to meet the Jacksonville Jaguars in London at the… 540 more words


Who do you think you are? Well, I am Elizabeth Guizzetti.

When someone says “Who do you think you are?”

They are actually implying that you are unimportant and your work is unimportant.

And when someone points out, “Well, you’re not ” 578 more words


Trudging Forward

When all I feel like doing is hibernating…

One of the downfalls to this time of year.  Thanks to the end of Daylight’s saving, it always feels later than it really is and the mama bear in me just wants to cozy on down with the kiddos and not budge until Spring.  257 more words

Hobby Roulette: Genealogy

OK I admit it, I’m obsessed with ancestry. I got the bug a few years ago when I found a new service called Geni that helps you build your family tree and collaborate with your relatives who are also doing ancestry work. 989 more words


Not My Father's Son

Not My Father’s Son
By: Alan Cumming

In this stirring memoir, actor Alan Cumming shares stories from his abusive childhood and his experiences while filming the television show, “Who Do You Think You Are?” 233 more words