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Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit also is fully God yet distinct. 211 more words

Who Is

Who is Jesus?

The people that have known God for the longest are the Hebrews, now called Jews. 230 more words

Who Is

Who is God?

There are parts of this answer that are easy to understand, parts that are hard to understand, and parts that no one understands except God.  The easy part is 222 more words

Who Is

You are the person they want to be with.


Who is #TomWonnacott #StrictlyComeDancing

Tom Wonnacott is 61, he comes from Devon and is married with three children.  Tom has a very impressive resume.  Tom is a Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Auctioneer and Antique Expert.   45 more words

Who Is

Who is #SunetraSarker #StrictlyComeDancing

Sunetra Sarker is an actress who plays Dr

Zoe Hannah in Casualty.  Sunetra is 41 and was born in Liverpool. She has a son called Noah. 33 more words

Who Is

Who is #JenniferGibney #StrictlyComeDancing

Jennifer Gibney is an actress, she is 50 years old.  Jennifer appears in Mrs Browns Boys’s, as Mrs Brown’s daughter.  In real life Jennifer is married to  Mrs Brown, actor Brendan O’Carroll. 49 more words

Who Is