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Who is Gackt?

I always believed that the best way to learn a new language is through music. If you love music and read the lyrics, it is so easy to remember words and phrases from the song. 324 more words



I was blessed by the voices of these 3 young boys in Brooklyn, NY and one happens to be my little cousin. I am so proud to see young black men doing positive things in the community. 32 more words

Why do we bite our nails?


It can ruin the appearance of your hands, could be unhygienic and can hurt if you take it too far. So why do people do it? 264 more words


Hello everybody, I don’t know who is reading this. Let me introduce my whois and domain tool. I’m trying to create something simple, powerful, comprehensive and of course free. 103 more words

Coffeined : Our day doesn’t officially start until we’ve had a great cup of coffee

Recently we contacted Chris Bruso of Coffeined Fine Coffees to get his take on coffee beans, coffee roasting and, of course, coffee tasting. Here’s what he had to say. 553 more words