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I think I'll wait a bit.

I had every intention of writing something profound about the moon landing 45 years ago today when I got up this morning but I’ve lost the urge and the energy for reasons unknown. 78 more words


In Which I Am Interested In Sports And, Consequentially, In Breast Kinematics

You might have noticed that there’s a bit more sport on the TV recently. It’s gotten to such levels that even I have started watching sport voluntarily. 988 more words

Who Knew?

Google what?

Forever we have heard warnings about snacking and packing on tons of extra calories, fat and poundage simply because we are bored.  Nothing in your life interests you so you see if something in the fridge is more exciting.   514 more words

Things On My Mind

Who Knew? - haiku by Dennis Lange

Who Knew?

The reason
One’s last, his sunset,
Is swan song.


The sun rues
That it now must set
On beauty.


photo by Johnny Berg at… 43 more words


Did You Know...

….the scientific name for the Bald Eagle is Haliaeetus leucocephalus?

Or that it has a mass of 3 – 6.3 kg and a wingspan of 180 – 230 cm, which is pretty astounding really. 186 more words


Behold, Thou Art Fair, DNA

I’m breaking away from my normal talk about neurology to talk to you about beauty. And possibly sexual attraction, we’ll see how the night goes. 423 more words