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There are lots of places you can search for your worth, but only one is truth

Finding Our Value in Other People:
– If we base our self-worth off of the way other people treat us our decision making skills will be fractured and ungodly. 1,062 more words

Answer the Call...

One of my readers, Letitia, sent a video to me today that I feel compelled to share with you. On this video, Kenneth Nugent speaks the truth about life on Planet Earth (in rap verse) and sends a message that is a precise compilation of what my blog is all about…LOVE! 43 more words

Characteristics Of A Woman Of Quality

Jades an All or Nothing person.
Shes one of my closest friends, but that’s not why I love this girl so much!
She’s set-focused, knows what she wants and she doesn’t mind losing a few friends if she has to and because  of this I respect her! 193 more words

Digging Deep: Why Understanding Who You Are Deep Inside Is The Key To Freedom

I think we (and when I say we, I mean human beings in general) have become lost.  For the most part we don’t know who we truly are or what we truly want.   500 more words

100 Days Of Happiness

a reminder

of who you are. I know that that may sound very presumptuous but I know who you are. I know because its who I am. Its who we all are. 341 more words


Let Yourself Out- an experiment: part two

So what if I am flamboyant?

What is so fucking wrong with that?

Why am I constantly trying to tame my idiosyncrasies?

What do I find so wrong with them? 64 more words

Spiritual Mumbo Jumbo

Recommended Music

Hello everyone!

Today, I was listening to my spottily on shuffle and one of the most beautiful songs (that I actually have forgotten about) came on. 61 more words