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The Day She Died | Bill Garrison

Today I’m reviewing The Day She Died by Bill Garrison. This book has been described by Toby Rowland as “a classic whodunit twisted into a time pretzel.” 567 more words

Christian Fiction

Week XIV – Silver and [Comedy] Gold


Season 8, Episode 11 (All That Glitters)

In a misdirected promotional campaign, the network aired the climax of this episode in its 15-second trailer. 843 more words

Katy Pontificates

Short Story: Murder on Station 6

Today’s the last day of Eclectic Alli’s Unbirthday Party! I just finished this story right this second in time to join in, so it’s really a loose practice story… There are a lot of things I’d change about it if I were to do any editing, but hopefully my for-funsies writing will be fun for y’all to read, too. 4,017 more words



So, in a murder mystery, when should the corpse be found? The quick answer is “as soon as possible.” However, there are two rules you must respect: 208 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Are Mystery Books Still a Mystery to You?

If you’ve never really delved into the world of the Mystery genre, you don’t know what you’re missing! Indeed, it can be a very frightening place. 210 more words

At The Library


Do you enjoy sinking your teeth into a good murder mystery? Do you ever solve the crime or guess the killer? I must say I am getting better but I’m not very observant you see. 575 more words


The Ronin's Mistress (Sano Ichiro series): a review

The Ronin’s Mistress by Laura Joh Rowland

I’ve read four of Rowland’s Sano Ichiro series and this is the best one so far. Rowland incorporates the… 427 more words