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You'll never guess whodunit in this mystery, and there's a really lame reason why...

What’s wrong with this short story?

Gwen worked late every Thursday night, preparing reports and assorted charts for a standing Friday morning meeting. Her family was on their own for dinner that night, but they were used to it.

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Mystery Writing 101

Shawn T. Odyssey - Oona Crate und das Rätsel des Schwarzen Turms/ The Wizard of Dark Street

Verlag: Thienemann
veröffentlicht 2011
Seiten: 315

Book (English/Deutsch)


New York, 1877: In der Dark Street, einer verborgenen,magischen Straße, lebt Oona Crate mit ihrem Onkel und Lehrmeister, dem großen Zauberer. 789 more words


Free books on Monday, as far as the eye can see, and one here for the weekend

A while back I said I would never do a free promotion again so, to quote Bond, I shall never say never again. Or, as the old joke has it, women have cleaner minds than men because they change them so often. 703 more words


Does your sleuth have a quirk? He better have a history to back it up

I just finished a manuscript in which a mystery is solved by an amateur sleuth who hates technology. It’s an interesting premise. Surprisingly though, the sleuth’s aversion to laptops, cell phones, iPods and treadmills had no impact on the story. 297 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Terrific Mystery Reads for Independence Day

Do you love America’s military heroes? Then BURNING HEARTS is for you. WWII hero, Lieutenant Lorne Kincaid is home from the war and find himself framed for arson/murder. 431 more words

Nike Chillemi

Blood and Black Lace

"Perhaps the sight of beauty makes him lose control of himself, so he kills."
- Inspector Silvester
Dir: Mario Bava                            DoP: Ubaldo Terzano                            Year: 1964

Agatha Christie's Poirot

First up, I think this is one of Agatha Christie’s all-time underrated greats.  It’s one of my top ten favourites, partly because the premise is so simple, partly because of the way the drama is eked out slowly from the characters in the tale, and partly because Christie’s masterful knowledge of poisons is illustrated with beautiful deadliness in the dramatic courtroom finale. 558 more words