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Low fat (but super tasty!) guacamole

Even though ‘low fat’ sounds a bit sad when we talk about guacamole, but that absolutely does not have to be the case, as this is both so flavourful and creamy at the same time!   239 more words


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I have been wanting to try this recipe since Balancedveganfife posted it. Lowfat guac? Ummm yes please. Finally found some ripe-but-not-too-ripe avocados at Whole Foods yesterday, so I knew this recipe was going to be my dinner tonight. I even made the sweet potato fries to dip in it. The verdict? Absolutely delicious. Thanks for posting Balancedveganlife!!!! IMG_2877 I added in a handful of mini heirloom tomatoes. So delicious. IMG_2880

Whole Food School Lunch: October 30

  • Trouble-Free French Toast sticks with a small side of maple syrup
  • whole wheat pumpkin muffins
  • raw cashew pieces
  • grape kabobs
  • cucumbers
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Whole Food School Lunch: October 29

This morning was rushed, and I did not prepare lunches the night before……and there were no leftovers……and we were running low on fruits and veggies!  Three of the five things in this lunch are packaged, but they have minimal ingredients.   45 more words

Dairy Free

What's for Supper (part II): Redefining Dog Food

I am on a mission to redefine what “dog food” means.

Why should our dogs be relegated to eating things that would make us vomit? People across the socio-economic spectrum now consider their pets as family members. 356 more words


Macronutrients, Micronutrients & Dietary Fiber

This time last year I wasn’t aware of what micronutrients & macronutrients were. Macronutrients are foods that provide a greater source of calories, therefore provide energy. 596 more words

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Eating Healthy While Traveling

Hey Health Nuts!

As promised, today I am sharing with you some of the tips and tricks I used to eat healthy while traveling.

I know when you are out of your comfort zone and traveling it is hard to stay on track and keeping eating your best. 532 more words


What I Eat in a Day | Whole Food Plant-Based Living

Here’s a short video of what I ate yesterday on a high carb, whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

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