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Shop: Whole Foods Market, Kensington

This place prompted a new category to be formed for shops, though I’m not sure there are any other shops out there that deserve to sit alongside it. 296 more words


Is the American dream a myth?


Some scholars link the American dream to political regulations and affirm that due to poor public administration the American ideal has become a myth. However, I strongly believe that the American dream is a set of universal values that is rooted not only in the Americans’ lives but also serves as a reference of prosperity all over the world. 493 more words

Business Management

For the Love of Spring! (...cleaning)

It’s that time of year again… the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the windows can be opened (for a short time LOL)

I’ve been cleaning out the closets, the basement, etc. 247 more words


40 mangos later.

Fun fact: the plural of mango is either mangoes or mangos.  This makes me very uncomfortable, and I’m really not sure how to approach this.  Advice is welcome on how to reconcile this battle within myself. 347 more words


rosemary-crusted lamb with sides

I’m a big fan of tasty dishes that don’t involve a lot of work or skill. The picture of the dish I made above took less than an hour to make and can easily serve a party of 2. 282 more words

Food + Travel

Homemade Delish Cookbook Signing/Demo

After the exciting news comes all the fun.  It’s time for demos and book signings.  I have a list of upcoming events where I will be doing demos, book signings and panels.  97 more words

A Platter Of Thoughts

A Whole Story from Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is my favorite organic grocery shopping store in NYC. I love how fresh vegetables and fruits there, and they also provide high quality dairy products, especially yogurt, it’s so yummy. 289 more words