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Chocolate chip cookie project, part 4

My last batch of chocolate chip cookies tasted great — rich, gooey, sweet — but didn’t bake up as thickly as I wanted. During my research for another option to try, a photo for thick and cakey chocolate chip cookies caught my eye. 324 more words

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Apricot Almond Dream Cake

My dad’s birthday is today. He has Diabetes, but on special occasions he will eat off of his diet a little, so I thought I’d really knock it out of the park for him with this… 1,107 more words


School Cafeteria Pizza with Pourable Crust

Pizza is one of those things I could eat every day, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad piece of pizza. I enjoy trying lots of different crust recipes, and was curious about how they made the cafeteria pizza in the 80s and 90s that I remember from school. 448 more words

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what i have learned

Is that on really bad days, days that seem to be popping up more frequently as of late, is that it is possible for everything I touch to turn to shit. 746 more words

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Attack of the Summer Squash.

Come mid-July, New England residents are reminded by local farmers of our strict consumption quota of 1.5 lbs of summer squash per diem. Sweet delicate roasted squash may have made my mouth water just weeks ago, but now, like biblical desert birds, I find their masses grotesque and their presence an intrusion. 401 more words

Dark Rye Bread


Dark Rye Bread from the Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book

Process notes

  • cut recipe in half to make just one loaf
  • made the flour in my grain mill using hard white wheat berries and rye berries…
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Salted-Chocolate Rye Cookies

“You don’t post much about sweets, do you?”

I contemplated Matt’s question. He was digging into a ramekin of bittersweet chocolate mousse I had made, and I had just told him I didn’t make it for the blog. 769 more words