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Crazy about Carbs ?!

Bread, pasta, cereal, rice, tortillas…the list of carbohydrates is never ending. Who doesn’t love to have a warm tortilla with every meal? Why not toss in that spaghetti with your main dish? 443 more words


‘Natural’ vs ‘Organic’: How Food Labels Deceive


By David Kerley
Feb 17, 2014 5:11pm

When strolling the supermarket aisles, do you know the difference between “natural” and “organic”?

Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a food watchdog group, has been battling what he considers misleading or confusing labels — everything from “natural” to “whole grains” for decades. 278 more words

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Mediterranean Diet Better at Slowing Diabetes Than Low-Fat Diet

The following article was originally published on Medicaldaily.com and was written by Dana Dovey.

I’m sure you’ve heard before that the health and longevity of people in the Mediterranean was thanks to their olive oil, fish, and a whole grain-filled diet. 509 more words

Ancient Grains for Modern Meals Cookbook Giveaway

We are, happily, in the midst of a whole grain renaissance.
But we also know that people who are still awakening to whole grains
need great recipes, derived from tradition yet re-imagined for the…
466 more words

Così E Cosà

Whole Grain Sampling Day!

In the newsletter and blog for the Whole Grains Council, they featured some pictures of me at Ashley Hall and Whole Foods! Check it out here: 8 more words

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Red lentils and black rice with creasy greens

Around this time of the year creasy greens or Barbarea verna (mustard family) show up in large quantities in the lower fields. We had several friends over this past weekend and they all went home with a bag. 308 more words


Eating Healthy on a Budget

College students are on a tight budget and eating healthy can sometimes be expensive, but the good news is, there are 15 healthy foods for about two dollars.  34 more words

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