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Muesli Bars

This coming weekend, we’re going camping up at Treachery. It’s an idyllic spot, 30 minutes down a dirt road and absolutely worth the dust. The last couple of years we’ve been slowly accumulating camping gear and this summer we are determined to make the most of it. 409 more words

Dairy Free

$$!!5 foods for better skin!!$$

never know which foods to eat from the variety pile that makes your skin more youthful and sweet-looking? wanting to make a scrumptious healthy snack for yourself? 832 more words

Wholegrain pasta with tuna, feta & rucola

The dish was a total experiment induced by my unwillingness to go shopping this very rainy and gray day. Yesterday was the first time I made it and to be honest the chili, tuna & rucola turned out to be a great combination for my taste cups : ) 187 more words


Try this wholesome breakfast!

Oatmeal + 1 banana topped with cinnamon & golden raisins.

Simple, filling, and 100% natural!

*This breakfast option contains 7 grams of fiber and over 500 mg of potassium*


Where to begin? With breakfast!

Breakfast. It’s what gets me going in the morning. And I mean that figuratively as well as literally. There are so many great things one can have to break their fast. 469 more words


Healthy banana teff pancakes using Peak's free from teff flour.

I had a box of Peak’s free from teff flour and I was wondering what I could use it for. I am not a culinary artist in the least, but I do try to create healthy and great tasting meals and snacks. 488 more words

Whole Grain Rotini with Fresh Herbs & Vegetables

Looking for Comfort Food over the weekends? This one totally surpasses the weekend laziness and you wouldn’t mind making them for your Sunday Brunch or for Dinner along with your favorite Movie :)

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