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Wild Grape Jelly

Autumn is here.

That means wild grapes are ripening.

Vitis labrusca (fox grape) grows all over New England. The fruit is large and sweet, perfect for making jelly. 260 more words


I Believe: A Fulfilment of Promises

A Healed, Sealed Vessel

In my thirty-second year, I embarked upon a great journey to explore the physical evidences of timeless Truths. My travels through Israel, Jordan, and Egypt were like a journey through pages of great literature for they yielded revelations comparable only to the most excellent production of a reader’s vivid imagination. 197 more words

1st Pages


Freshly scrubbed and lined shelves
Are bursting
With jars full of sunshine.

Peaches and apricots
Are glowing
With delightful goodness.

Pickles and relishes
Are waiting… 43 more words

Easy buckwheat banana pancakes

Who wouldn’t want to sit down to a large stack of pancakes, that they could enjoy completely guilt free?? I know I would ;) And believe it or not, it is absolutely possible to satisfy any pancake craving with healthy, wholesome vegan ingredients! 369 more words


Life After Reality

The question of reality has been rolling around in my mind for years.

I am referring to the ‘reality’ that makes up the fabric of our experience.   647 more words


Bran Muffins

My Mom originally got this recipe from a friend years ago and it was then called ’30 Day Muffins’. Since we usually ate them immediately, I’m afraid I can’t vouch for what the results would be after 30 days. 894 more words