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Learn Chinese Day #21

  With my friend

    和   我    朋 友

 he wo peng you


  • Simplified Chinese: 和  我  朋  友
  • Who: To anyone
  • Where: Anywhere
  • When: This phrase “with my friend” can be used to respond to “who do you go with?”.  “peng you” means friend.

Learn Chinese Day #20

  With who?

和     誰

   he    shui


  • Simplified Chinese: 和 谁
  • Who: To anyone such as friends or family members
  • Where: Anywhere such as at home or shopping center…
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Who or whom?

A lot of people struggle with the difference between these two, so another infographic doesn’t hurt, does it?

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Grammar & Usage

Whom revisited

Some readers will remember that a while back I posted about the strange re-birth of the word whom (see posts entitled whom and whom abuse) 251 more words

Whom of who?

Hello imaginary students!

Have you ever noticed the difference between ‘who’ and ‘whom’? Do you really know when whom sounds better than whom?

This is a hard question, but we can learn how to use in order to become grammar experts!   7 more words


whom remembers

got crazy and laughed all

its own digest  and where it bore fruit

and no other substitue

and how it felt its own

never ending… 50 more words


Grammar Goofiness

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
To who?
No, to whom.

This is one of those grammar quibbles that people often don’t get, and I understand that. 

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