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Whom do you believe?

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First of all: If you can avoid using whom, you should. Any but the most formal texts are better off without it; … 533 more words

Language And Linguistics

accord to whom

whimsical and those of the humor

and the water of the  surface

and dance with the bar

and how it feels

and what is the dealing… 45 more words


Grammar Girl, That's Whom

Daily Prompt –  Fireside Chat.   What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. 128 more words

Daily Prompt


Meet the faces behind this nonsense:

Two passengers and a clipboard:



whom turn

nothing is your  grudge

and what is  the depth and its own

deep and where it took upon and its own

words and those that are thrown… 45 more words


Winter is knocking at the door

Winter is knocking at the door, who want to keep me whom???

I really hate winter, i miss that hot summer, where i could wear my sexy and short dresses, was so easy, to jump in my short  panties and a little t-shirt. 142 more words

whom was said

something was made

and it was a choice

and how it was the leaning

and how it was the terms

and its own textures

and then it was a feeling… 43 more words