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Winter is knocking at the door

Winter is knocking at the door, who want to keep me whom???

I really hate winter, i miss that hot summer, where i could wear my sexy and short dresses, was so easy, to jump in my short  panties and a little t-shirt. 142 more words

whom was said

something was made

and it was a choice

and how it was the leaning

and how it was the terms

and its own textures

and then it was a feeling… 43 more words


who knew?

To be clear, i never intended to change who I was for you. and with much uncertainty i move forward with imprints of your tattered soul singed into my memories… 11 more words


Never know whom to thank?

If you spotted this grammatical error on the Yahoo! front page, thank a teacher:


Whom is Stupid

English is changing. Constantly morphing. Whether you want it to or not.

I was telling my college composition class today that I firmly believe that the word “whom” will be completely gone from standard American English within 50 years. 460 more words


She Whom

It is she whom
I adore
Not at all
Not at all
It is she whom
Followed me
She whom
Asked for me… 36 more words


whom is stupid

where is being dumb counts

and being off the road of the mind

has no bottom pit

and how it settles

and then it was the… 52 more words