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Hot Floating Buttocks

Despite the sweltering heat we’re experiencing I finally got the wherewithal to get out the house and set off on the trek into town, clinging to the shade along the way, where upon reaching my destination I got to witness the strange sight of lots of odd men – and they… 642 more words


How-To: Organize Paperwork.

So I arrived back home with lots of boxes and a fairly unorganized personal file, aka all my personal documents, insurance, certificates, bank statements etc. As part of my… 78 more words


I, magazine geek: Why I love magazines, Psychologies, and the “changing of the month” in WHSmith

Everyone says print is dead. I, for one, seem to bear out that theory, spending nearly all my waking hours online, connected.

Like a lot of my peers, I consume media online, 99% of it for free (The Times subscription excepted), and I get mildly peeved when magazines have rubbish websites or news agencies expect me to get my credit card out just to read a piddly 200 words of copy. 1,722 more words


Cover-aggedon – Part One

It was on the walk into town, just past the college which I’m an alumnus of, where I bumped into someone that I used to go to school with. 1,465 more words

A Personal Life

College college college

I’m currently at college
Not your typical college – a british college. They’re completely different from American or other colleges around the world.
There’s no dorms, no leaving home to live miles away. 70 more words