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The Sanctity of Life

I’ve been avoiding this piece because, quite frankly, it breaks my heart. Part of me didn’t want to write about this because I don’t want to make a mockery of a person’s life or death. 926 more words


Tuesday Recommendation - Why Evolution is True blog by Jerry Coyne

I’ve written before about how there are just a few blogs that I read every day. One of them is Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True… 240 more words


He asserts, without proof, that macroevolution is occurring today, while admitting that one can’t see it happening….The real reason why nobody has ever seen it is because it hasn’t happened!

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The Paris murders: Catholic League's Bill Donoghue gets it wrong; New Yorker's George Packer gets it right

Bill Donohue is the Muslim of Catholicism. What I mean by that is that he thrives on offense, and though he doesn’t kill anybody when he’s offended, he’s made a career out of raging at those who insult the Pope, the Church, preachers and nuns, or anything associated with the Vatican Mafia. 1,760 more words

Catholics Behaving Badly

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Scotland refuses to ban teaching of creationism

Schools in England and Wales aren’t permitted to teach creationism, but for reasons that I can’t fathom, the Scots refuse to join them. This came to light when, … 815 more words

Intelligent Design Creationism Watch

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Our petitionScottish Parliament: Return to homepage continues to gather international attention., appearing here on Why Evolution is True, a mass audience blog run by Jerry Coyne, author of the book of that name, one of my favourites on the topic. This in the wake of  attention from the Sensuous Curmudgeon, whose skewering of creationism has earned him over 3 million hits. The Scottish Government statement is not the end of the matter. The Committee will be discussing it again in January, and the fact that a civil servant, not a Minister, signed the statement may make it easier for the Government to think again. So, especially if you are a parent, educator, or pupil/recent pupil in Scotland, and above all if you have witnessed the damaging effects of creationist teaching in any context, please send a short (one or two paragraph) submission the Petitions Committee at petitions@scottish.parliament.uk citing Petition PE01530