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The Chicken, The Dog and The Meaning of Dreams

Trying to find out why major life events happen can hinder any attempts to progress in life. Even when you attempt to decipher the meanings of dreams, you understand that many ‘experts’ contradict each other when striving to offer you the answers to questions arising from the outright bizarre workings of the brain when it eventually manages to catch the proverbial ’40 winks’, leaving you to look tirelessly into WHY that dream about the chicken and the dog has lasted so long in your flagging memory. 568 more words

The Whys 'Why Me'

Why me, is one of the greatest self interest statements. People lose their jobs, come down with an illness, become a victim of a crime, or be effected by a natural disaster. 369 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts

"Why me?" Really?

Lot of times you may feel “Why me?” but are you really so victimized? Look around you. Think and you will say “Thank god it’s not me”. 282 more words

First date. What's my sexuality again?

Hello again. Lena here. Back from my first date with Megatron, a boy (collective gasp!). It was…amazing. I’ve never felt like this about anyone, same-sex or not. 450 more words


Restorative Justice

This week saw the airing of a documentary on BBC3 about Restorative Justice or ‘RJ’ for short.  Restorative Justice involves offenders communicating with their victims either directly or by writing to them.  433 more words

You're Such an Ass, Your Butt Dialed Me...

I am so glad I did not answer the phone that day. Nothing ruins my calm faster than talking to mr db, except for voice mails from mr db. 617 more words

Mr Horrible

Do guys wear fake wedding bands?

So remember that amazing guy I told you about….the one who parks next to me at work…

Guess what…I saw him today…WEARING A WEDDING BAND… 75 more words