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weirdness is a way of life, y'all

Can I just start off by saying… I am blown away by all the postcards that came in over the past week! The creativity, the humor and the pure candidness makes my heart sing very happy songs. 164 more words

Why We Love Austin

No, it isn't the apocalypse

It is, though, “Where in the world Wednesday!” Can anyone tell us where this carousel horseman rides? Your correct guesses will earn you an entry to our monthly drawing!* 96 more words

Why We Love Austin

I've got Ninja Style Kung Fu Grip, Y'all

It was a gloriously hot day in ATX yesterday as I walked across the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, dropping off WWLA postcards. As I dropped cards, I couldn’t help but stop and take in the mirror quality of the water, the ever changing skyline, the canoers, pacman, ninja style, the Cyprus tress, the cranes sprinkled in the skyline, AND EVERYTHING AUSTIN. 46 more words

Why We Love Austin


It’s the dawn of the weekend! You know what that means, right?… It’s POSTCARD FRIDAY!

In our PO Box this week, we received this lovely postcard from the one and only, Kayla Kromer (you’ll know her as the creator and brilliant mind behind the… 168 more words

Why We Love Austin

you know what day it is?

It’s Wednesday! And while it is “hump day” it is also “Where in the World Wednesday?” in the world of WWLA! Can you tell us where in the world (in Austin) this tree is? 132 more words

Why We Love Austin

FlamingO Ranch

While trying to find my way back to Congress Ave, I was picking my way through the neighborhood behind The Great Outdoors (on S Congress Ave) when I stumbled upon the Flamingo Ranch. 244 more words

Why We Love Austin


Happy Friday, y’all! WWLA postcards have started to find their way to the PO BOX. This past week, we received these gems

We love Austin for the Texas Punk Rock, nice folks and Austin originals (synonym, guys?), co-workers and cat gangs, and aloe after a fun filled day in the sun! 111 more words

Why We Love Austin