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Driving around the other day, I ran across this wonderful piece of street art (by local street artist, Truth), on Springdale, just north of 51st Street (you can see the map… 62 more words

Why We Love Austin

ice cream & barton springs

Say’s this cutie’s dad, “Barton Springs, ice cream in hand. Life in the ATX.” …I’d say life is pretty good!

What did you do to celebrate the beautiful weather? 42 more words

Why We Love Austin

a tribute in a postcard

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s postcard Friday in the land of Why we Love Austin! I’m fairly certain I know who sent in this anonymous card. For these purposes, we’ll just call him “dad.” (Thank you, Daddy, for sending in this cool postcard and loving me and all the ventures I take on!) 349 more words

Why We Love Austin

Houndoggle - Pet Portraiture

Most times, I can take or leave Facebook and Twitter. But Instagram… I LOVE.¬†Instagram, has introduced me to so many other Austinites, so many other artists and so many other like-minded souls. 747 more words

Why We Love Austin

raining postcards

You ready for some creativity energy? Ready for some inspiration? Ready for some art? …I know I am! How about this postcard?

With the new year, a new batch of WWLA postcards have been ordered- set to be delivered on the 20th, so brace yourself, Austin. 74 more words

Why We Love Austin

Riverside Sam

You’ve seen him. I’ve seen him. The cowboy that rides down Riverside on his horse… he has a name! I received this photo and text in my inbox: 38 more words

Why We Love Austin