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who what where when and why...then HOW

Who, what where when and why are often words of procrastination; that are often used py perfectionists like myself to overdefine a problem and to put off that dangerous commitment when plunging in to seek a solution. 36 more words



It’s just too unfair.

My three officemates went out for lunch earlier than me, so I was left alone in the office. Then 15 minutes or more after they came back from lunch break, I then head out for lunch.


It all started here.  With Crabby Boy.

That’s what the Etsy seller called him: Crabby Boy.  I just had to have him.  I imagined the conversations he would inspire, and his sullen face fitting in just fine with the rest of my (sometimes crabby) family. 651 more words

Battle with my body- a poem

This vessel, it plagues me
It’s carried me through storms
Yet we’re still at war
I refuse to sign the peace treaty
It lovingly writes up for me… 79 more words


By yourself smiles

Why can something so nice become so embarrassing and sinister!

When smiling with yo man people


(Aww they are in love)

When smiling with your family people… 112 more words

It's time to tell this part of my story... - addendum

I had a reader send me an email regarding my story and asking “why”, though I thought I had answered this question in the telling of my story, I realized upon replying to him, there were some important things left out, therefore, I am adding this addendum to my story which is my response to his email. 957 more words


Singular Thoughts

Singular Thoughtshave been racing through my mind.


It’s crazy how the things of our dreams can become the things of our nightmares so quickly. 75 more words