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Diary 2:45am Sunday 4/20/14

Well, I’m up, and just let the dog out the front door. A cop was driving by when I blew out a hit of weed out the door. 975 more words

A Murkey Reflection

So Spring Break kinda sucks. I mean, it probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled at the beginning, but those are just technicalities. 613 more words

Urges hit me

Like a waterfall. The water hitting you and dripping down your body.

I can feel it in my wrist- wanting out.
I can feel it in my heart- beating me. 37 more words

Mr. Know-It-All

I am a pretty calm person when it comes to dealing with other people. I have a pretty thick skin and I can take it better than I can dish it out. 719 more words

Why I Write

Now, I’ve already told you my inspiration for writing. My dad. But why I write is completely different.

I’ve found a pattern in my books, specifically my main characters. 1,035 more words

To enforce the law, or to be a knob? por qué no las dos?

Okay, so I think about this occasionally, but tonight’s events sent every single thought I’ve ever had on the matter bubbling back to the surface. And if you haven’t already figured it out, this post is about cops. 629 more words