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When I woke up today, I was really inspired to write this ‘awesome’ post for my viewers. (who knows what about) But I guess tonight I’ll just settle for some random mumblings of a tired person? 297 more words

Emily Emendation

Why so many feels?

As you should all know, books have that effect on us where we just sort of spiral downwards because we can’t handle the emotional stress. I experienced that when I finished Crown of Midnight. 174 more words

Not so fun in the sun

I love going to the community pool. The lifeguards are very good looking and I like the attention they give me. I have my mom take my younger brother and I there all the time. 444 more words


Why God Why?

Why now?  Why her?  Why me?  Why this?  It may be the biggest three letter word in our vocabulary-why.  It is often time the hardest question and most assuredly the least answered-a question that even the most mature and devout of Christian believers struggle with-Why God. 788 more words

Why Steampunk?

Before I go on about my preferred genre, I should probably explain what steampunk is since most people stop me after I have already begun to speak about it to ask what exactly I mean. 894 more words


The Why

So my research is going well.  I read, read, read but I don’t do, do, do.  Yet.  I hope.  I’ve been housesitting and I’ve found it very hard to get into a routine and be disciplined.   658 more words