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What do you do when people discourage you and tell you: You can’t! I won’t work! Why are you…? Or just flat out ignore you or shut you out? 223 more words


Why did God create the spider?

To catch the fly? That wiggled and jiggled…

My 7 year old does not like spiders and so with all seriousness he asked me why would God have made them. 257 more words


All of the Words, None of the Courage

I have been rehearsing these lines for a week now, and yet every single time I go to open my mouth, they just won’t come out. 31 more words


My Blog Hates Me: '(

Why the fuck won’t this thing let me post video directly from my phone???? gahhh

Life Babbles


This was sent to me by my friend Sue…very appropriate

Are You Normal Yet?” — A Mother’s Response

This moving letter was sent to me by a mother whose son had died 18 months ago. 803 more words

On being an artist: lost for 2 hrs staring at an eye

 by Ruth McIntosh

I have just spent two hours staring at an eye I’m painting. What happened? Where did the time go?…and I still haven’t done the other one! 281 more words

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