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“Why is there something rather than nothing?” The illusory proposition takes the form of a question. Like a phishing mail, a statement in the form of a question sets a frame from which reaction is in a sense programmed by a mistaken or usurped identity.

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Peeling the spoiling fruit

Writing poetry is a way to answer the questions you have of yourself. This poem started as a wondering why i was feeling closed and distant and irritated. 341 more words


In The Beginning......

Well, we all have to start somewhere, so this is me starting.

This is my blog. My eternal quest for a better quality of life. For happiness, whatever that is. 359 more words



This strange transitionary time of old people moving on to new places makes me wish sometimes – I could be them, I could be there… 302 more words


Why me?!

So last night and tonight Im staying with my uni friends in one of their flats. For an “average” 19 year old, this would be amazing, fun and effortless. 221 more words

When? Where?

Meditating by the water a cool breeze blew this leaf towards me. Both were not-so-subtle reminders that autumn is fast approaching. What was more powerful however was how this decaying leaf, separated from its source of life, refocused my breath with the remembrance of how quickly the seasons and cycles of a lifetime pass. 223 more words

Dirty Stuff

How could one small child become so dirty I wondered as I gazed into those big blue eyes. Those eyes peered out a dirt covered face, mud covered hands and blond hair now turned to the color of dirt. 239 more words