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Celtic Cross Spread

Tarot is regarded by some people as “evil” or “fortune-telling.” I used to feel that way, too, until I began educating myself on the actual intent and use of Tarot card readings. 686 more words


Herbs - Pagan Blog Project

Hello Everyone,

Another Friday for the Pagan Blog Project. This Friday I am discussing about Herbs. Herbs are an important part of Wicca and Witchcraft in general. 98 more words


H is for holding it in

So this quote has been on my mind the past few days and I realize how much I hold myself and my light in for fear of others opinions and judgement. 473 more words

Wiccan Intuition

Sharing: Mini Travel Altars

Okay, this is an awesome idea. I used to wonder how I could bring ritual gear with me if I was out for a hike or bike ride on a Sabat or Esbat or what-have-you, and this seems to be a great solution (or starting point for other solutions).


Sharing: Proof is Irrelevant nor Required

To paraphrase my friend and mentor Rev. Gina Pond, it is not my job as a first degree priestess or soon-to-be-seminarian to prove the existence of the Divine however I might define it. 35 more words


G is for Great Expectations

I’ve found the more I’ve desired and ‘pined’ for things actively the less they manifest into my life. I always thought this was the universe playing some kind of cosmic joke, like if I was good enough, shouldn’t I be rewarded? 469 more words

Wiccan Intuition

God - Pagan Blog Project

Hi everyone,

I’m late for the Pagan Blog Project again. Today I decided for my topic I would choose to talk about the God. He is the complement to the Goddess of course. 65 more words