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The Beautiful Black Cat

Black Cats have long enjoyed an infamous reputation that is both contradictory and intriguing. Associated with both good luck and bad luck, and of course portrayed as the ever faithful, iconic companion of the Witch. 609 more words


Wake The Beloved

Wake the beloved

when you have awaken all of you

be the rousing light of her morning sun

your will removed, armor abandoned, greed undone… 106 more words


Witchcraft is Uncomfortable

Or at least it should be.

The popular refrain in Wiccan and Neo-Pagan witch circles is that the Craft is “whatever makes you comfortable” or “whatever makes you happy.” Newcomers are constantly being assured that they should never be asked to do something that makes them uncomfortable. 532 more words


Autumn Equinox 23rd September - Celebrating Mabon

Traditionally known as ‘Mabon’ in Wiccan/Pagan traditions, the Autumn Equinox falls on the 23rd September for the northern hemisphere this year. This is the second day of the year when light and dark exist for equal amounts of time, the other being the Spring Equinox – Ostara. 532 more words


Happy Mabon!

Hey everyone!

Well today is officially Mabon, well according to my Llewellyn’s Datebook. It usually is said to be on the 20-21st of September. Today is known as the Fall Equinox. 28 more words


Solitary - Pagan Blog Project

Hey everyone,

I’m late. Forgive me. I chose for the subject, Solitary. I am a Solitary Egyptian Wiccan. Being Solitary, means that you practice alone, which i’m sure you smart people know. 195 more words


Today’s Daily Tarot Meditation 9/17/2014


The High Priestess inverted 

Today you woke up with a certain level of ignorance, and  shortsightedness. This could be a time in your life when you are not giving yourself the time you need to fully understand your emotions, needs, and relationships. 74 more words