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Magi för att få ett jobb

Du kanske undrar om det går att attrahera ett jobb med hjälp av magi. Svaret är: “Absolut, allt går, men du måste vara realistisk i dina förväntningar!” Om du har en ekonom utbildning kan du inte bli en veterinär. 503 more words


Face Lift

The Sweet Jasmine Series book covers have been re-freshened and re-vamped!

Here is a sneak peak of the magic that is about to be unleashed! … 7 more words

Let it go, and if it comes back, it was meant to be!

I was recently asked to teach someone magic and I have to admit, a smile of delight swam across my face when I received the request; I was also wary of the circumstances under which she wanted to learn. 429 more words

My Journey From Christianity to Atheism

Along this journey of mine I have come across questions and statements that I have addressed previously in my blogs. Often they are things I asked or said myself in the past so I understand where they are coming from. 4,214 more words


Goddess: Isis

The Goddess Series


Pantheon:  Egyptian

Origins and Genealogy: She was the daughter of Nut and Geb, her siblings included Osiris whom she married and Set and Nephthys. 2,329 more words


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Establishing Sacred Space

Establishing Sacred Space

by Skye Alexander

The distinction between ordinary space and sacred space is an important one when it comes to magickal workings. Just as Christians go to a church to commune with God, Wiccans and witches practice magick in special areas designated for that purpose. 850 more words

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