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Knights (or Knightesses?) in Knitwear Armour...

If there’s one thing that those biting winter solstice nights call for, it is some radical witchy knitwear. And no-one does Gothic knitwear quite like… 569 more words

A Video and Musings on Seeking

(And can we please appreciate the thumbnail for this video.  I love it when it’s this awkward.)

Back in my Teen Witch days I longed for a coven with the sort of desperate urgency that can only be generated by out-of-control hormones and the bewildering lack of self-awareness characteristic of overly-privileged suburban white kids. 794 more words


Finding a Faith Path That Suits You

Finding a faith path that suits you can be hard. The problem isn’t so much that you don’t know what you want, although that can be true as well. 460 more words


Amethyst Crystal

(pictures coming soon, I’m using my Amethyst for a project and a spell :P)


Chakra:  Crown

Planet:  Uranus

Element: air

Amethyst is great to change negative energy into positive.   148 more words


Did Goddess Sif What Our Family To Plant

About a week ago, I called out to the Goddess Sif about our families income situation. Most the time I obtain answers in the form of ideas or other people. 513 more words


Lack of Wiccan Shelters

I don’t usually like to shed negative light on my wiccan brothers and sisters. A question came to mind though. I have been in three homeless shelters before. 198 more words


Alters: My Comfort Alter

So, ignore the poor image quality it was taken in a dorm room. But this is my little comfort alter, I call it that because I’m not sure what else it would be called. 269 more words

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