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Margot Adler: NPR Reporter and Author, 1946-2014

Margot Adler helped Paganism gain wider understanding and respectability. Her passing at 68 from cancer this last Monday, 28 July ’14 also leaves a gap on the airwaves.   1,034 more words



We had to do it, put back to 2016, we have so many things going on it just isn’t practical right now. We are sticking to Samhain, but in 2016 it will be a new moon so perhaps an even better option for us. 342 more words


Introduction to Tarot of the Old Path

The Tarot of the Old Path

The Tarot of the Old Path is a tarot deck based of the Rider-Waite design and layout, but using symbology and imagery from Wicca; also known as the Craft or the Old Religion.   1,062 more words

Female Wisdom



So I’ve been dealing with some really bad health issues lately so I haven’t been around. Please send good will and blessings and prayer to me so I can start posting again soon. 38 more words


Druid Wheel of the Year

I know I haven’t been posting in a while. I want to wish everyone a happy Lammas/Lughnasadh

I’m very excited that the first of the harvest festivals is here. 21 more words


To dream of your Loved one.

Using a pin, carefully prick the name of the one you love onto an apple, If you don’t know the name, then prick the word “Lover” instead. 55 more words