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I Love to Teach

Back when I went to college we were on the cusp in the US of women building careers other than in teaching and nursing. If I had had mentors in science or math, I likely would have pursued a career in those domains. 437 more words


The Truth of the Matter

I’ve been a bit depressed for the past week.  I am moving across country to start a new life, yet, I am depressed.  I’ve done this type of move two other times in my life, but never have I been saddened by the occasions.   797 more words


Silver RavenWolf Announces April Healing Circle and Prayer List also new hashtag for healing

Join with us at 8:00 PM EDT this Thursday 17 April 2014 in Spirit as we work for those in need.

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle: 118 more words

Silver RavenWolf

Practice what you Preach (like for real)

If there is anything at all that will irritate anyone at all, it is someone who does not walk their talk. If there is anything that will irritate anyone at all who is NOT a follower of any mainstream religions it is when certain set of mainstream believers will preach their gospel so it suits their needs at the moment, but who, for the life of them, can’t see themselves as being anything other than “good.” I’ve got news for ya…you’ve got another thing comin’ ! 1,749 more words

Getting to know your divination tools

When I get a new deck, rune set, or other divination tool, I always like to get to know it well. Even if its just another tarot in my collection, it still feels differently to me than the others. 284 more words


Solitary Schedule

Welcome to the first Witchy Wednesday at Like a BOS! Every Wednesday (with the exception of crazy weeks) I will post a new article about a topic that interests me or something new I’ve tried. 1,091 more words