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C is for Candle Magick (Part 1)

Choosing Your Candle

Candle magick is one of those topics that is very familiar for most pagans whether or not they have taken the time to study this part of the Craft. 783 more words


10 Terrifying Facts About Witches That Will Make You Believe They Actually Exist

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Witchcraft in the Middle Ages… 1,243 more words

Let's Talk Witch - Concerning Initiation

Concerning Initiation

Most shamanic and magical religions utilize some sort of initiation ceremony whereby an outsider becomes a recognized member of the religion, society, group or coven. 773 more words

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The Battle for Arlington & Military Stats

Photograph Credit: Wildhunt.org

Quick History

Around 1997, the Pagan community started protesting for equal representation in Arlington Cemetery. Arlington, at the time, only engraved the Crucifix, the Star of David, and the Islamic Crescent onto the tombstones of those who served our country. 521 more words


Tarot Tip #53: Grounding and Centering

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Questions about the Tarot?

Ask away!

I’ll answer your question and if I choose it as part of a Tarot Tip post, I’ll credit you and link to your blog/business/Etsy shop! 18 more words

Tarot Tip

Transphobia? In MY Wicca? It's more likely than you think! (or why the binary isn't actually rote but IS harmful)

The Sun and The Moon.

Man and Woman.

What do these things have in common?  Well, according to most wiccan teachings, they are all the proof we need in order to “know” that everything in this world exists in a binary. 1,063 more words