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Symbol: Blossom

Blossom, like rainbows, can be symbolic of blessings and represents the fertility of the new growing season.  In times past, blossom was used as confetti, something which is on the increase today. 50 more words


How To Attract A Girl

This is the Kamdeva Yantra, you can use it for increasing attraction, love and happiness in your nature. Make this Yantra on bhojpatra with black ink.  118 more words

On the Toilet Circuit? My First literary Gig

John Harris made a great programme for BBC Radio 4 on the ‘toilet circuit’, music venues that were so small, they were likened to loos. 378 more words

The tricky question of magic; A rational approach...

“…The tricky question of magic

Magic is not focal or central to paganism. Pagans can be pagans without using or believing in magic.

The association of paganism and magic is to some extent a historical accident. 412 more words


In Honor of Earth Day: Gaia

Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Artemis. The Olympian goddesses, all unique, all clearly defined. All come from ultimately from Gaia, the primordial earth goddess and today, in honor of her, I ask the question, as I have of… 583 more words