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Let's Talk Witch – Spiritual Archetypes

Spiritual Archetypes

There are several levels of entities encountered in Wicca and Western occult work. The ones most Wiccans think of immediately are, of course, the Goddess and the God, whether known by the general titles of the Lady and the Lord or by specific names. 138 more words

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The Impact of Spiritual Separation

I stood in the centre of the room and felt the tension rise. Glancing over my students I could see the people causing the shift, someone finding difficulty in the interruption of the class. 751 more words


Ramon's Insights ~ Avoid Painful Karma

Souls whom have compassion and empathy manifesting in love and kindness, having respect for their inner and outer selves can remove life’s harsh, painful karma. 577 more words


This is a live broadcast

Ladies and gentlemen; this house is officially wireless :) FINALLY I am no longer bound to my room by Ethernet cables.

With Halloween a mere seven (7) days away, I wanted to rant for just a moment: 281 more words