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In Honor of Earth Day: Gaia

Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Artemis. The Olympian goddesses, all unique, all clearly defined. All come from ultimately from Gaia, the primordial earth goddess and today, in honor of her, I ask the question, as I have of… 583 more words


Spiritual Philosophy

Hello everyone!

I have a question for the readers.

How many of you are Christians but also follow a different spiritual philosophy also.  For example, you identify as Christian but also follow Wicca or something else? 59 more words


Prayer to Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day!

The Sanskrit name for Mother Earth is Bhumi Devi (literally “Earth Goddess” or even “Soil Goddess”). She is also called Prithvi Mata (Earth Mother) and in the Vedas she’s paired with Dyas Pita (Sky Father; etymologically Dyas Pita is the Indo-European Dyēus ph2ter from which we derive the names Zeus, Dios, and probably Jupiter). 189 more words


Reblog: Beltane and the Singleton

This is a reblog from my post at SageWoman Magazine’s blog channel on Witches and Pagans.

Beltane is fast upon us – here in Suffolk, the hawthorn is in bloom already, and I have heard the first cuckoo of summer. 263 more words


I Am: A Memoir

Long ago, back when the rocks were soft, and dinosaurs roamed the earth, (2006, I think) I was asked to submit an article for a webzine column entitled “I am” wherein folks would share the story of how they found their pagan path, and how they define themselves within their practice. 3,485 more words

Modern Witchcraft

Planets and Elements and Their Influences-Quick Guide

A quick guide to the Planets and Elements energies and the way I use them in my Witchcraft and in my Psychic work.


Sun-  136 more words