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Spell request for LanaSue ThorntonLemos

LanaSue sent us an email asking for prayers to remove her bad, luck and help her find a home that she and her husband can live happily in, after moving to Washington to be close to loved ones, every things went down hill for her.  487 more words


A Simple Lammas

Keeping Lammas simple this year. I bought the lovely set you see here today at an antique/thrift store. It was funny because the Tarot card I pulled on my Tarot App today was The Star and the goddess on the card was Ishtar, who has a lot in common with Isis. 578 more words


Lammas Blessings!

Lammas is here! Lammas is a Pagan Sabbat (holiday). It is a celebration of the start of Autumn. Right now you will notice that leaves on trees are starting to change color and fall off. 402 more words


What is sex magic?

Sex magic, sometimes spelled sex magick, is the control of the sexual energy to achieve something. So what this means is that someone who is practicing sex magic focuses his or her intentions at the point of orgasm and sends those intentions into action, both in the astral plane and within his or her own mind.What someone can achieve through sex magic depends on his or her intentions and how it is practiced.  664 more words

Magickal Practice

Pagan Identity

Maybe this should have been under ‘I’… oh well.

Paganism is an identity. I would say that I identify as a Pagan- if I were to tell you that I’m a Pagan you could probably very easily paint a fairly accurate picture about the things that I hold dear and the processes that go on in my mind. 280 more words


Imaginary Boundaries

The boundaries are imaginary. The rules are made up, the limits don’t exist.

Life your life to the fullest. Do not be limited by the boundaries of society. 77 more words


See the magic of life!

There are people we meet in life that make everything seem magical.  Cherish them.

There Is magick and power in the world around us. We only need to take the time to open our eyes and see what is already surrounding us. 35 more words