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Circle, Coven and Grove (Deborah Blake)

Deborah BlakeĀ isĀ one of my favorite authors. The one book of hers I haven’t read is her first, which I was unable to find. So imagine my delight when my Kindle recommended it to me yesterday! 118 more words


When pagans don't get along

So the other day I was going through Pinterest, because it really does have great ideas on it sometimes. I decided I was going to search through the “wiccan church” tag because why the hell not, and a few posts down the feed I found the logo of our sister church had been pinned! 322 more words



Last night, if you lived east of the Mississippi and were lucky enough to not have rain showers, you were treated to a Blood Moon lunar eclipse. 72 more words


Rising above, yet remaining humbled and grateful.

The full moon is upon us and a strong and wonderful one she is this time. The blood moon, a lunar eclipse tomorrow and huge changes in the weather. 401 more words

The Yellow Blame Game

There is a culprit!

The severe yellow haze that is choking the east, both north and south, has a cause: The Polar Vortex.

Dun dun duuuunnnn! 272 more words