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Mabon Blessings

Today is a day of equality.

On the Summer Solstice, we celebrated the longest day of the year. Since that day, the hours when we see the sun diminish with each passing day. 138 more words


Sterling Silver Heart Pentacle Pentagram Wiccan ring jewelry Amethyst (sz 4-15)

The pentacle is the star that stays steady and on course. The crescents represent wisdom and intuition. The moon is constantly ebbing and flowing through process. 44 more words

"So much drama and negativity"

Go on a good debate post and you will see this comment at least once or maybe it’s sister, “you’re being hostile” or it’s brother “why are you mocking people?” 437 more words

Can someone give me a spell to...

Stop just stop right there random person. Before you ask to be spoon fed there are some questions and concerns I would like to ask. Why cant you write your own spell? 203 more words

The Last of the Witch-Trial Hangings

It was easy to be declared a witch in Salem in 1692: All you had to do was deny that witches existed.

After a number of the town’s teenagers began to hallucinate and convulse, bark like dogs and run around on all fours, two magistrates were tasked with rooting out the evildoers behind the bizarre afflictions. 417 more words

A Tarot Love Spell to Obtain a Husband

This spell requires that you make as necklace from a red string and a gold and turquoise ring.
This spell is best done on a Friday when the moon is waxing. 161 more words


Biblebelt Heathen Witch?

The only constant in life is change.

The only way to avoid stagnation is change.

The only way to grow into one’s potential and to fulfill one’s destiny is to change. 593 more words