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Fit to Lead 08: The Big Problem

Two thousand and eighteen years ago

The first Messiah trod

Bastard son of a desperate girl

Or a Message sent from God?

He had few friends, so lowly born… 1,940 more words

Fit Leadership

Wicked, Wicked Problem

I had never heard the term “wicked problem” before last week, so the first thing I learned from this project is that a wicked problem is one that (I’m paraphrasing here) has only bad solutions. 268 more words

MAET Year 1

Fit to Lead 07 Feeling Sorry For The Rich!?

It annoys me when the comfortably-off middle classes bitch

They’ve no idea the tough life of us deserving super-rich

It’s very tempting to assume that all rich folk are greedy… 501 more words

Fit Leadership

An argument for open source

Recently, Jacquie brought my attention to this article which is about how Robert David Steel, a former CIA spy agent, left the intelligence agency to speak up about the need to reinvent intelligence in the 21st century, that is, to make information completely open source so that the world’s resources may be more evenly distributed and better managed. 603 more words