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Project Self Sufficiency Day 1 - Reboot

I told my Facebook Followers that beginning today, I was going to document a year of our newest effort at moving towards self sufficiency. To be fair, it’s kind of a reboot. 381 more words


Skinflint Sunday: Hire a landscape gardener so you can save money down the track. Om nom nom.

Ok. That blog title may seem like a massive rationalisation, but I firmly believe that this is what will happen when I’m a sprightly old lady, living happily at my house and having the lowest possible living expenses due to the infrastructure I’m setting up now. 1,096 more words


Skinflint Sunday: It's Taco day!!!

I’m quite proud of my crops on the front porch. It’s very difficult to grow a cat.

The lime verbena has bounced back after winter. I’ve started harvesting lemon verbena, lime verbena and mint for herbal tea. 293 more words


Spring unfurls its scents

all around the garden. The jasmine is heavy in the evening on the front deck and along the guest entrance; the mock orange (Philadelphus) that I have grown from a cutting has one flower on it which smells like ambrosia; the wisteria has a light skipping fragrance and the yellow rose in a pot smells like lemon sherbet. 432 more words