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‘What am I working on?’ ... apart from allergies, you mean?

Last week ‘MAB’ over at The Flannel Files, tagged me on the latest round of #mywritingprocess, which I took to mean more than regaling you with tales of trying to focus on my keyboard whilst in the throes of a anti-allergy-drug-induced altered state of consciousness. 508 more words

The Life And Times Of ...

No, you should not take pictures of old ladies when they have fallen asleep on their noses.

You should, instead, pay attention to your writing and not procrastinate. You have the next episode of ‘Identical’ to edit, no?

The Life And Times Of ...

'Helen Lawrence, Vancouver Confidential' – A 1942 Noir Adventure

As part of our Christmas prezzies, Widderson and Widderdaughter-In-Law presented us with two tickets to any show under the umbrella of The ArtsClub our little hearts desired. 664 more words


Best Laid Plans

Recently I’ve had an influx of new readers and followers on this blog, which is really nice, so I thought a bit of a catch-up/about me post was in order … but first, the weather … 671 more words


March 9: Widdershins!

The word of the day is WIDDERSHINS (n:) counterclockwise, or more precisely, the direction opposite the apparent movement of the sun.

The English language does a terrible job acknowledging that the sun neither rises nor sets. 96 more words

Monday Snow Musings

Did you know that robins and bluejays like playing in the snow? Even when it’s turning into a giant slushy because of two days of rain on the heels of three days of snow. 304 more words

The Life And Times Of ...

Widdershins Lit, 9th Edition

Happy 9th edition of Widdershins! A big thanks for contributions, so sit back and enjoy a quick read! Feel free to submit for the March edition, cheers and fun!

Much love,

~Sam Scrimger