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Late for everything? Miss appointments? Get a calendar widget for your homescreen.

For most of my adult life I have struggled with basic organization. I have had a prolonged love affair with the snooze button, and have always had a precarious relationship with time. 938 more words


Unmitigated Disaster

Yesterday when I was checking out a theme for a new blog, What’s left of my life, I did a trial run here.

Didn’t look right, so I changed back to this theme… 99 more words


Making an Education Website Grow: How To

Let me assure you that I have worked heavily on this page since my last post. Ironically, this is only my second blog post, but I have added more pages than it seems I have sense. 468 more words


Week 5 updates

For this update, we were supposed to add five widgets that would help improve the users experience on out site.  For this I chose to add a search feature and a tag cloud widget.   74 more words

Bài 2 – Hướng Dẫn Widgets and Gadgets trong WordPress và Blogspot

Bài 2: Cách Add Gadgets (Blogspot) hoặcs Widgets (WordPress.com)
Hôm Nay Chúng Ta Học Widgets (WordPress.com) = Gadgets (blogspot.com)
Wordpress.com FREE ( Không có Plugged in) # WordPress.org (NOT FREE) (Plugged In) 147 more words

Blogspot & Wordpress Instructions

ơཞıɠıŋąƖƖყ ą ℘ąɠɛ ąɬ ɬơɱ ɠıཞƖ ɖąყʂ

Hey y’all! If you been to my blog already we have a button which you can copy the code below and put it in your sidebar. 362 more words

August AoWP Workshop

Date Corrected (See below.)

We’ll continue our exploration of various on-board capabilities within the WordPress.com CMS.


  • Site visibility, sharing and other basic content controls…
  • 61 more words