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ơཞıɠıŋąƖƖყ ą ℘ąɠɛ ąɬ ɬơɱ ɠıཞƖ ɖąყʂ

Hey y’all! If you been to my blog already we have a button which you can copy the code below and put it in your sidebar. 362 more words

August AoWP Workshop

Date Corrected (See below.)

We’ll continue our exploration of various on-board capabilities within the WordPress.com CMS.


  • Site visibility, sharing and other basic content controls…
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Very excited — have just found out how to add a “Categories” section to my sidebar. Under the “Appearance” menu, there is a “Widgets” button. I chose to add the Categories widget feature and I chose the location of this widget. 20 more words


Showing a database in a panel in #IBMNotes

I’d never understood the whole ‘widgets’ thing that got added to Notes, where you could have additional things in that right-side set of panels. At first, I put Linked In over there, thinking I’d use it to look up people and keep track of discussions. 782 more words

Old Notes

New Tips & Tricks

Hi, everyone!

We’ve just added three helpful articles about different aspects of the game:


1, 2, 3 Ready or Not!

The internet has only continued to evolve since came to life in the 1980’s. Since the internet became commercialized in the late 80’s, it has grown in users and popularity. 189 more words