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The Power of Story

I believe within every person there lies an incredible story. A thrilling tale – winding, unpredictable and wild, pulsing through their veins, just like the red blood that proves them living and viable. 936 more words


Let Us Wrap

Take everything in.  Wait.  Beg.  Wrap tight.  Let us close our eyes.  Squint until there’s nothing.  Wrap our eyelids around.  Let us lose sight.  Find nothing…until all there is to lose is nothing.   24 more words


Wise Words - Page One.

“If you’re lucky, if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.”


Love. Luck

Think High

 “Most of the people believe in the Maslow’s law of hierarchy, which stated that creativity or self-actualization is the last stage of human needs after all the worldly needs are satisfied. 135 more words


Revamping, everything.

Most of you who have tuned into my blog posts because they offer some form of excitement (I hope), information, random facts- whatever the case my be, I thank you. 269 more words


Secondhand Wisdom for 2015 (or at least for January)

It’s been an odd 2015 so far. Challenging and unexpected feelings and events already taking place. I’m choosing not to read into it all that much. 366 more words