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One Night Only... A response to "Funny...?"

I pay attention. I see what you like, what you want, what you need… So for all you freaky, creepy, and slightly touched people out there… Know that you are among friends, and this is for you… With more to come… 109 more words

Art And Projects

Here are some wierd , but amazing facts that can make you laugh and think at same time…….

1. Our sense of smell is stronger in heat and humidity. 96 more words


The Joys of Alienation

As I scrolled through my facebook feed tonight I came across some adorable pictures of my new little nephew….
(PS…I have a Nephew! First boy in our family in like 18 years, literally…Born a week ago Monday)…. 519 more words


OHMYGOD a giant robot!

This is in Odaiba Japan.
What you are looking at is a Gundam.
Yes, it’s very big.


Having Fun With the Family

These photos were a lot of fun. Mainly because most of my family had a hand in taking these photos. Family time is fun time!


Ibu & Sari

Sari mengadu kepada Ibu-nya mengenai hal buruk yang sedang menimpanya…

Sari: (katakutan) Mak… Mana Bapak?!
Ibu: Keluar kota… Kenapa kau?
Sari: (dengan nada pelan) Minta maaf yaa Mak… 104 more words


The Night is Broken

The night is broken

Into two foundations

Power is bred

In the hands of the nation

Where lovers breath

Make the flowers grow

And crickets songs… 95 more words