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What's Eating Me?

When there’s nothing much to do I feel so…lost in space. Sigh…why is this happening? WHY?!

I’ve just read this thing about me that my friend thought me to be..I mean, I was just..Man, I don’t know…Here I am wasting my life watching Breaking Bad as if my whole life depends on it. 359 more words


5 Weird Foods From Around the World

Everyone has different tastes and as they say – one man’s meat is another man’s poison Here’s my top 5 weird foods from around the world. 631 more words


Suprising facts about the human body.

You may find this hard to believe,sounds a myth from a science fiction movie right? Well it’s mind blowing+true

  1. You produce about 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime.
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Thanksgiving in Spain

As far as holidays go, I’ve never been too fond of Thanksgiving. I won’t get into how I think Thanksgiving is a contradiction of sorts, that the whole thing is a farce, as if we didn’t completely uproot the native americans and do terrible things to them, and their land, in order to make it our own. 1,482 more words