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Wierd Last Day Of School

Today was the last day in school for our WINTER BREAK!!!

I am so excited to do NOTHING!!! Hahaha!

You know today was weird day. Not because I am gonna miss school,but something happen today,and I am little worried. 344 more words

The Throes of Perception

Was that house always there?

Maybe. But then again maybe not. If you subscribe to quantum mechanics theory, then you might be more inclined to say… 933 more words


All About Music (Sundays)

  • The Beatles’ very popular White Album was first called A Doll’s House. (buzzfeed.com)
  • Spitting some intence fire! According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest rapper is Ricky Brown.
  • 46 more words

an oddball -- 風変わり

When I was leaving my last job, I told them that I was too weird for a regular job. And I sincerely meant it.

I can fit in society alright, but am weird to some extent.




Blah Blah Blah -- 独り言

Yup, this is just the most comfortable place ever! Sonu Singh Strikes Again!

Cats, funny things they are…

Take the lovely Sonu Singh. Since he was a new kitty in our family, he’s found the strangest places to chill/fall asleep.  247 more words

Sonu Singh

A little nudge - How others are fooling you everyday

What if there was a way for people to influence you to do things without you even coming to know?(That is as freaky as it sounds) 274 more words