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i don't hate myself for being this way

I have a weird taste in life. I do weird things. A light humour would be appreciated though. I like music. I discover some weird songs. 407 more words

The Types of Teachers You Usually Get in High School

  Side note;Hello. School starts in a couple of weeks and I read the news about teachers complaining about getting underpaid. So from these two start offs I came up with… 389 more words

The Shark of Inland Waters

The white sturgeon dwells in temperate inland waters of the northern hemisphere. The trophy fish reaches lengths of 20 feet but the record caught was on the Fraser River in British Columbia, and was 16 ft long and weighed an estimated 1,100 lbs. 106 more words



Presiden RI Periode 2014 – 2019 yang baru ternyata bukan Prabowo ataupun Jokowi…
KPU menyatakan: “Siapapun Presidennya harus Legowo.”
#gilaaaaa :D

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Jesus & Jokowi

Aloysius Budi Purnomo, melalui artikel berjudul “Jesus, Jokowi, dan Keselamatan Rakyat” di harian Sinar Harapan.
Artikel Aloysius ini segera memicu kontroversi yang luas. Itu karena Aloysius membenarkan adanya sejumlah persamaan antara Jokowi dan Jesus, dengan menggunakan… 70 more words


Graphic pics: Female ritualist caught with corpse of a 3yr old boy in Mile 2

According to a source who witnessed the arrest, the woman pictured above, pretending to be a mad woman, was caught this morning July 20th on the Mile 2 Bridge in Lagos with the decomposing body of a 3 year old boy. 85 more words


Sekretaris Sunat

Jangan bicara terlalu keras apalagi secara cepat, alhasil Anda akan mengalami kesalahan dalam perkataan yang Anda ucapkan… Apalagi “keseleo” tersebut berakibat fatal dan tanpa Anda sadari, ternyata perkataan Anda tersebut tidak di-RALAT… 79 more words