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Let me Capture your Imagination. With a Big fucking net.

Let me Capture your Imagination.

With a Big fucking net.

I’ll hold it for Ransom,

and you had better believe my threats

of the awful things I’ll do to it. 304 more words


The Devil's Nebula (Book One of the Weird Space series)

A brief adventure that never quite achieves the climax required

Written by
Eric Brown in 2012

When one hears of a book series called Weird Space…

542 more words
Science Fiction/fantasy

The Nail - A short story

I know now why I prefer to cycle to work.

I had left home that wintery day on my trusted bicycle, but circumstances had ordained that I was  to forget my keys at home. 1,510 more words


The Obashot Trend- A New Popular Posture for Photoshoots in Japan

There is a wierd Japanese trend going on around twitter called “Obashot”. Obashot (pronounced Obaa-shot) is the posture in which comedian, Ariyoshi Hiroiki, started. “Oba” is short for “Obasan”(Obaa-san), which means middle-aged lady in Japanese. 51 more words


Khloe Kardashian Named Her "Camel Toe" Something Very Ladylike

Khloe Kardashian has owned her Camel Toe in all her glory.

Now she has given it a name. The worst part is there are people in the United States with the same exact name as her lady part. 6 more words


Best day ever!

Started today dreading it! I was scared of what could happen. I kept putting together the worst scenarios and becoming panicked about them. Turns out there was nothing to worry about! 846 more words