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Man Finds Dark Pit, Deep Well Inside House In 500-Year-Old Building In England

A new home owner has been left with a shock of a
lifetime after the discovery of a glass trap door in the middle of his kitchen. 68 more words


Rhoma Irama

Tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat buat pendukung JKW4P dan Prabowo, baik yang berjasa maupun bukan…
Bagi saya, Capres yang paling berpotensi menang adalah Bang Haji Rhoma Irama… Dukungan… 103 more words


Dirty damn ducks inspire a DIY project

For my Smith & Wesson Softair 1911, but I suspect there’s no difference with others. The BB’s gotta go in, so this straw certainly will work. 24 more words


Weird News Wednesday...It's Really Quacked I Tell You!!


A woman in Washington State went to visit her mother and ended up getting more than she bargained for.She apparently is suing her mother’s neighbor over their duck attacking her!For real?I can’t not believe a grown woman is doing this, it blows my mind.The most “quacked” part of this is how much the woman is suing for, get ready for it, she is suing the neighbor for $275,000!Yes you really did read that correctly.Apparently she broke her wrist, strained her shoulder, and sprained an ankle when she fell over due to the animal being persistent in it’s pursuing of her.Here is a link to the article to read more on it: http://news.msn.com/offbeat/retired-nurse-sues-for-dollar275000-in-oregon-pet-duck-attack

Random thought of the day...

So if life gives you lemons you’re supposed to make lemonade, but what if life watermelons? Are you supposed to make kool aide out of that shit?

One Night Only... A response to "Funny...?"

I pay attention. I see what you like, what you want, what you need… So for all you freaky, creepy, and slightly touched people out there… Know that you are among friends, and this is for you… With more to come… 109 more words

Art And Projects

Here are some wierd , but amazing facts that can make you laugh and think at same time…….

1. Our sense of smell is stronger in heat and humidity. 96 more words