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A strange person

Hi :3

I am probably the person of your nightmares.

I like anything related to Doctor Who and other things like that.

Curling is my favourite sport along with soccer and fencing.

Wierd Experience In Therapy

sigh every time i go something else comes out… decided to work on the lesser of my scary boxes that are coming up present in my current time line. 79 more words

Days 1-5: In Which Kayla Lets Her Strange Out

So obviously I messed up with writing every day, because here it is, five days after I made the statement that I want to post every day, writing out the first one of the 30 days… whatever. 640 more words

Things In The Middle


No care in the world anymore! You have to do what you have do to make it in this world, the thoughts of others have gotten me nowhere but doubtful so push social acceptance aside and as you accept yourself you will see that life becomes clear, nothing is normal, no one has a correct way of living, the people that look down on you for doing something they don’t understand are the ones who will always be in their comfort zone. 130 more words

Denise's birthday! One of the moody weeks ;(

Wednesday- Denise’s birthday. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY DENISE! Hope you liked the card i made! Celebrated her birthday by us giving cards and ballons, and a leather wallet. 196 more words


The stranger

You came in my room late at night,
I didn’t sense you, I just felt the bite,
We had no words,no conversation,
You were there to touch me In all the wrong places, 41 more words