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How to Hike the Appalachian Trail

As I talked about last week, I have become an author on wikiHow. And boy, do they have me hooked! The welcomers there are… 220 more words

Appalachian Trail

Sleeping.... zzzzz

After two hours of laying in the same position, thinking about how tired i am going to be in the morning, i still find myself awake for the forth time this week. 157 more words


According to wikihow, brains and beauty do not go hand in hand.

I stumbled across this pearl of wisdom the other day: “how to be and dress like a nerd when you are a girl” where the author elaborated on how to let “everyone to know you are a true thinker”. 426 more words

How can you be a good speaker

In the modern society, we have more and more opportunities to talk to others. Communication is very important. To learn how to be a great speaker is high priority work. 120 more words


Making an Awesome Playlist for WikiHow

Before you can make an awesome music playlist you need to decide on the reason or the theme for your playlist. Are you making a dance party playlist for a Halloween party? 571 more words


Step 3

Waxing isn’t so bad, is it? I think we should go shopping next. We’ll get some make up and a few dresses. Practice this facial expression. 50 more words